Coach's Corner - Hope

Hope Changes Everything

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

If you ever doubt that something good can happen and change everything, just hang on one more day. It only takes one phone call, email or person, and your world …

Coach's Corner - Trust

My Market is Special

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Candidates often say, “Well, that works there, but it won’t work here. My area is special.” If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it one thousand times in 16 years …

Coach's Corner - Courtship


Kim Daly Coach's Corner

If exploring a franchise is much like dating leading to a marriage…here is the best email I ever received from a candidate…”I kinda sorta broke up with Nancy today. We …

Coach's Corner - Becoming You

Becoming You

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

There’s a difference between saying I want to get married and being a spouse to someone. There’s a difference between saying I want to have a baby and being a …

Coach's Corner - Get it Done

Getting it Done

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Owning a business is about finding customers and keeping customers. Operations and management don’t matter if you don’t have customers. What will you do today to build better lead flow …

Coach's Corner - Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Goal setting is one of the most important things a business owner can do. Be specific, dream big, create both short and long-term goals for the month and the year. …

Coach's Corner - Discipline


Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Many business owners want the glory of a successful business, but they aren’t willing to do the hard work. It takes discipline to make networking, asking for referrals and focusing …

Coach's Corner - Momentum


Kim Daly Coach's Corner

When business is slow, the tendency of many owners is to freeze and feel helpless, but this is not the time to shrink back in fear. That will surely only …

Coach's Corner - Champions

Champions are Made

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

In the pursuit of a goal, there is a lot of routine. That is why they say that successful people have successful habits because it is the things we do …