Kim Daly Testimonials

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Chris and JessicaDallas, TX – January 2022

Kim is truly the expert!

When we first heard Kim Daly on a podcast, we knew she was the expert in franchising. She shared knowledgeable tips and advice for listeners interested in franchising and at the end of the show she shared her contact information. She made a point to tell listeners, she does actually respond to everyone. So, when we called we were fully expecting someone from her team or an automation to respond to us. Nope…it was Kim herself and just like she promised, she listened to our story. We were immediately impressed, excited to learn more, and Kim guided us every step of the way. We were so glad we reached out and trusted Kim with this journey. With Kim’s guidance and coaching, she matched us to an amazing brand we feel so passionate about. We just signed our franchise agreement on Christmas Day, and are off to creating generational wealth for our family for the years to come. Thank you KIM!

Ashleigh & OmariTampa, FL – December, 2021


Another GLOWING review for Kim!!!! I honestly cannot say enough about our experience with her. Professional… Excellent communication… Services went above and beyond… More than we could have EVER asked for. Soooo glad and soooo grateful that we went with you and will be recommending to everyone that we know! You have two more (happy) customers for life ❤️

CraigOconomowoc, Wisconsin – December 2021

Positive, Present, and Professional

The timing of my meeting Kim was perfect. Even though I was in the right head space and ready to find a match, I don’t know if my journey would have progressed with another. There was trust and good will from the beginning. Kim lives in a positive place and is a giver at heart. Once I learned this, I was quickly able to the see the wisdom and value in her systems and methods. There is no waste in her approach and it was easy to follow and even fun! I can’t recommend Kim enough. She is wonderful person that also happens to be a fantastic franchise consultant.

ShelleyPeoria, AZ – December 2021

Great Experience

Kim is one of a kind. She really listened to my needs and presented me with several viable options. She is great to work with and her enthusiasm is infectious! Everyone that I spoke to that knows Kim speaks highly of her. Ultimately, I did not move forward with a franchise opportunity. For me, the timing just wasn’t right. When I spoke with Kim about my issues, she was supportive and gracious. When/if I circle back around to looking at franchise opportunities, I will not hesitate in giving Kim a call!

MarkFort Worth, TX – December 2021

Trust Kim to be your Guide and Advocate

In ten weeks I went from attending Kim’s introductory webinar where, embarrassingly, I realized my knowledge of the franchising space was based upon what I observed in fast food and misconceptions I had formed over the years, to signing a Franchise Agreement and starting the journey towards becoming a business-gratifying and profitable franchise owner. Kim’s coaching and advocacy throughout the process of research, discovery, and due diligence was essential to my positive outcome. Exploring the diverse franchising space with Kim as your guide will result in you making an informed decision.

Amy & BradCincinnati, Ohio – November, 2021

Kim is a great guide for your unique situation

Kim does not just bring her knowledge and experience, she took the time to understand our goals and interests. There are almost an unlimited choice of franchise businesses and probably each one has a good fit for someone. Kim’s approach was to get to know us first, and then narrow down to the few franchises that match with our skills and objectives. Kim then played the role of coach. She guided us and advised us along the process as we vetted different options. Her approach combined with her deep knowledge and relationships in the franchise world make her an ideal coach.

While there may be many franchise options, there is only one option for your franchise guide – use Kim’s guidance and you have already made the right decision.

DeborahRidgefield – November, 2021

So easy to work with!

Kim was super helpful and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

Ryan & Micah LoganSolana Beach, CA – November 2021

Exceptional Experience

I first met Kim because she was on my good friend Chris Larsen’s Podcast, The Next Level Income Show. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and the reasons why a franchise is a great place to start. Kim was a great resource in my search for a franchise business. She was exceptional in her ability to execute this model flawlessly. She was very thorough in interviewing me to determine my strengths, experiences, interests and financial goals. Through this process, I was able to finalize my decision to one franchise that fit well with my needs in a very very short amount of time! As I conducted my due diligence and discussed the business model with the franchisor, I received quite a few accolades about Kim. Several VP’s said that she is one of the very best franchise coaches they have worked with, and she always sends them vetted out, qualified candidates. More than anything I really enjoyed the energy that came through when I spoke to Kim, I always left the conversation with some new insights and excitement.

SidPortland, OR – October 2021

Look no further. She is the best!

Working with Kim Daly has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. She meticulously educated me on various categories of franchises and helped me decide the best one for me. She is one of the top franchise consultants, and I understand why. Kim presented great options to me in no time. Then she guided me in vetting each opportunity to decide the one that’d work best for me. Franchising is a great way to own a business, and it is also a substantial financial and time commitment. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a franchisor partner who is not a good fit for you. So please let Kim help you through the process. You’ll be glad you did!

Paul & LauraRochester, NY – October 2021

She’s the Best for a Reason

Nothing but great things to say about Kim and our experience. She is professional, kind and straight to the point! I’ve worked with franchise consultants in the past and Kim blew both of them out of the water! Thank you for the help!

SteveCentral Arkansas – September 2021

Kim listens and shares her wisdom!

I had been in search of an opportunity for several months. Then, I find the very enthusiastic Kim Daly on a YouTube channel. I knew immediately that she had the energy and communication skills that could help me with my endeavor…I will admit that I was worried that she might be too busy to have time for me. Boy was I wrong. I sent a message to her and within a short time she responded back. It took me just a few minutes to understand how important having a franchise coach was in this process. Long story short, she listened to us and our concerns. She gave us great options. She coached us on the process. We found a winner that we are so blessed to have found. We liked it so much that we bought three! This absolutely would not have happened without Kim. Is she wonderful? Yes she is! Thank you Kim Daly.

SonnyLeawood, KS – September 2021


Kim is amazing. Her process is streamlined and very organized. She can walk you through all of the options available and how to approach each. If you want a roadmap for investigating franchise opportunities Kim has it.

David and CassieRichland, WA – September 2021

Amazing energy and a great process!

Kim was instrumental in us making the best decision!

We knew it was time for us to dive into the franchise world, but we really didn’t have any clue how to get started. I started to inquire with a franchises, but it was mainly based off google searches without any real direction. I decided to reach out to Kim after hearing her on a podcast and it was the best thing we could have done.

Probably one of the best things that she did was so simple but incredibly important, she had us both involved in the process from the first call. It allowed us both to be crystal clear in what we were doing and what we were trying to achieve. My wife was on board with the franchise idea and was ready to come aboard when I found the right opportunity, but having her involved from day one with Kym really made the selection process much clearer and right for both us.

Kim’s process helped us hone in our wants and needs and she provided us with several options that we would have never come across on our own. She walked us through the selection of a franchise, what questions to ask and what to look for. Our decision was fairly quick with one franchise that no only made sense, but that we could both be passionate about!


AdamBoston, MA – August 2021

Positive Experience with Kim

When I first came to Kim, I was very skeptical about starting my own franchise. Kim listened to my concerns and instead of dismissing them, she encouraged me to continue through the process and see where I ended up. She made it very clear that if I ended up deciding it wasn’t for me, no issue at all as it’s a personal decision (very genuinely). During our second call, Kim asked the right questions that enabled her to come back with franchise options that 1) I didn’t know existed and 2) fit the only way I imagined this working for me. Importantly, her recommendations had different elements that allowed me to compare and contrast to come to an educated decision. Ultimately, Kim’s process allowed me to get up to speed incredibly quickly on franchises and find a franchise option that checked all my boxes, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have ended up here without her help and guidance! Thank you, Kim!

Lance and JessicaDallas, TX – August 2021

Can’t Imagine Accomplishing this Without Kim!

We always dreamed of owning our own business and having all of the advantages that come along with it for our life: being our own boss, having flexibility in how and when we work, being able to keep the fruits of our hard work. It always seemed like an aspirational and far off goal until we met Kim Daly and she showed us how we could turn that dream into a reality. As it turns out, it wasn’t a lofty ‘someday goal’ but rather something that we could achieve right now with the right guidance. Kim held our hand through the process, and while she refers to herself as a coach, she’s really a mentor since she has achieved the pinnacle of success in her own business, having almost 2 decades of business success under her belt. We can say that were it not for her, we wouldn’t have made it through the process and achieved our dream, as there are plenty of potential stumbling blocks along the way. I couldn’t imagine accomplishing what we did without Kim and, to anyone considering owning a business or a franchise, we would emphatically recommend retaining her mentorship.

MarkLewisville, TX – August 2021

What a great experience!

Kim was referred to me in June of 2018 after yet another corporate layoff. Kim found my story compelling and we embarked on the process of Franchise exploration and discovery. Although the timing of being a franchise owner was off for me, I really enjoyed working with Kim along the way. She was extremely helpful in describing the process from start to finish in a manner that was easy to understand, always being careful not to intimidate me. What I enjoyed most was the fact that she really took the time to educate me along the way and build a long-term relationship over closing the sale. She really made the effort to get to know me so that she could present the best matches to fit my criteria: Lifestyle, Personality, Although I found that Franchising was not right for me at the time, if I ever decide to pursuit a Franchise, Kim would be the first person I would call.

JerryDallas Ft. Worth, TX – July 2021

Experience Guide

I spent over 15 years in a top bank in financial services. I knew I wanted to be a small business owner for the second half of my career, but I was unsure how to transition. Kim helped guide me step-by-step through the process of finding a franchise fit. Her decades of experience helped me navigate the complexities and saved me from countless rabbit trails, and her energy and encouragement made the process fun.

JavierDallas, TX – July 2021

A true expert!

Having an experience guide is always key when traveling through unknown land, and Kim is that guide!
Having little to no business experience, she helped in providing the necessary help and information in order to make an informed decision.

ChrisDallas, TX – July 2021

They Don’t Make Them Like Kim Anymore!

My business partner and I were in search of a new endeavor. We connected with Kim and from there she really helped/inspired us to shape our vision in a way that is most suitable for us and the lifestyle we want to create. Not only did she take the time to listen intently, she also was patient and understanding of our road map.

Even if you’re just dipping your toe in the water and exploring the art of the possible as a business owner, I highly encourage you to reach out to Kim Daly!

Billy & JulieDallas, TX – July, 2021

Kim is Amazing

We had a fantastic experience with Kim as our franchise coach. We have a friend that we presently do business with that highly recommended her when we happened to tell him we were looking to diversify and opening another business. She helped him connect to his current franchise as well. He was not wrong about her talents. Kim was enthusiastic and excited to get to know us and find those opportunities that would best fit and suit us. She made us comfortable in exploring the opportunities she found and in category we thought we preferred. She even presented one that we thought no way would want to do that! We trusted her process, went on the blind date. And guess what?? We picked the one we would have never considered otherwise or even found on our own. She just knew what would be the right fit. Now we are fully committed and signed on for 3 locations. Wow! If you want the best in the biz to connect you with your future dreams, we definitely recommend Kim Daly.

JeminAllen, TX – June 2021

Kim is great!!!!

First of all, I’d like to say, thank you so much, Kim!
She helped me to find an opportunity to start with a new career in my life. I would never have imagined myself owning a franchise. But, with her support and coaching, I was able to make one of the most important decisions in my life. I’m well on my way to opening my first franchise and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thank you Kim!!!!

KristaNewport Beach, CA – June 2021

I am so grateful to have met Kim!

Because I had recently “retired” from my job as a stay-at-home Mom, I had time and energy to look toward starting a business. Where to begin??? I don’t know the first thing about starting businesses…What in the world could I make and sell? What service could I provide that people would pay me to do? What are my strengths that the world needs?

Enter Kim.

She was a fantastic encourager and guide through this process! By taking the time to get to know me, Kim was able to narrow down the myriad of choices to a few. It was exciting to see the possibilities! She allowed me to realize that I can do this. I have what it takes to figure it out and to succeed. Thank you, Kim, for opening a whole new world to me!

BrianColumbus, OH – June 2021

Kim is a Rockstar!

Kim’s process of listening to understand what models might be a right fit was wonderful. Thru her process she presented options I might have never considered and support as you navigate learning about the different franchises was impactful. While I ultimately didn’t choose to go with a franchise, her process is priceless. I highly recommend Kim to anyone considering going into business for themselves!

Brad and KatieDenver, CO – June 2021

Loved Kim’s positive energy and ability to listen to what we were looking for

I would strongly recommend Kim to anyone that is curious about hearing more about being a franchise owner and wants a true partner in the process. Kim’s no pressure approach was very appreciated. She is a fantastic listener.

I wanted to start my own business, but I felt the risk of starting a business was too much.
I connected with what Kim was saying, her positive energy, and her approach to partnering with me to find the right franchise and being open that franchising may not be for me.
She was patient and listened to what we were looking for in a business.
I am grateful to have Kim’s support throughout this process.

Robert and MichelleTampa, Florida – May 2021

Success with Kim Daly!

We had a great experience working with Kim. At first, although we were excited we were a bit unsure of what we wanted and a little overwhelmed by the many, many options out there – but with Kim we landed on a perfect fit! Kim’s process is spot on! She helped us narrow down our options, understand the why and really enjoy the discovery process! What we thought at first and where we landed with our new business evolved and was surprisingly different than what we thought we would end up doing. Kim’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry gave us much understanding and confidence to choose the franchise brand and support team we love and will succeed with!

KourtneyMechanicsburg, PA – May 2021

Coach Kim for the win!

My husband and I are so grateful we were introduced to Kim! A few of our friends worked with her to find their franchise businesses and we heard amazing things. Once we started working with her, we understood! From the very beginning, she was so helpful and encouraging. She was able to help us articulate what are goals were and what was most important to us in owning a business. I remember feeling so empowered and motivated after our first call with her. I knew she was going to find a great match for us! And that she did:) It only took us 2 months to find “the one” and that’s all because of Kim! We would’ve never been able to find such an amazing franchise opportunity (that quickly!) on our own. She’s absolutely the best and I highly recommend you start your conversation with her now! You won’t be disappointed:)

GarrettAtlanta, GA – May 2021

Kim was Extremely Helpful!

Kim was extremely helpful talking us through our options and helping us understand what was right for us and what was NOT right for us. She also showed patience with us as we had a child midway through the franchise evaluation process which forced us to pause for an indefinite amount of time as we adjusted to our new life. I have already referred Kim to my brother and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone else. I would work with Kim again.

DianneHilton Head, South Carolina – May 2021

Kim is the Best!

I was looking for my next chapter to start another income stream. I was referred to Kim Daly and she was the best at listening to what you wanted and picking up on your characteristics.
I found out along the way that Kim is highly respected in the community of Franchise Founders and Owners.
Simply the Best!!

MarkMinneapolis, MN – April 20201

“Can Do Kim” will help you find the right biz and feel great about it!!

I found Kim in the middle of a search process that I had started myself. I didn’t want to go back to the corporate environment, and wanted a business that I could start small and grow big. While I thought I knew what I needed to do and what kind of business was right for me, she introduced me to her process and everything I was thinking changed. Her years of experience, breadth of industry contacts and her franchise business insights as an operator and consultant are all things money can’t buy, but worth literally millions to those of us who work with her. She will help you really dig deep and find out where your passions are and what you are a good fit for. She will coach, encourage, challenge, and motivate you to do the best thing for you and your family! Her character, values, and professionalism are top shelf and she is genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever work with. Many Thanks Kim!!!

VanyaLas Vegas, NV – April 2021

Kim is the best!

She is very knowledgeable ,well connected and very fast in determining the right business for everyone! Her Positivity and motivation leads you in the right direction. I highly recommend her and I will definitely use her again in the future .

Ned and RamonaMurphy, TX – April 2021

Kim wants you to live your dream of owning a business!

We have talked about owning our own business for years but never took the leap. Kim’s inspiration gave us the confidence to move forward and fulfill our dream. Kim is so positive and upbeat! Her energy is infectious and really got us excited about owning a franchise. Kim made the process so easy because she got to know us, listened to us, understood our goals and interests, and cared about us. Kim presented franchises that met our personality, interests and lifestyle. Once we made a franchise decision, she coached us through the next steps. If you are considering a franchise business, you will not be disappointed with Kim. Thank you, Kim, for matching us with the perfect franchise.

TommyFort Worth, TX – April 2021

Kim pulls back the curtains on franchising!

Working with Kim has been amazing. She does so much for her clients from the start. Getting you connected with the best companies and working thru all questions you have about starting out in franchising. She makes it easy to make that leap from corporate to working for yourself. Her passion for what she does shines thru with each call and will be your biggest supporter. Highly recommend that if you are thinking of dipping your toes into the franchise world, have a conversation with her!

DanTampa, FL – February 2021

Kim is great to work with!

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to hear Kim speak at a franchising webinar I attended in October. Afterwards, I reached out to her for more information. Kim asked the right questions to learn both mine and my wife’s goals, strengths, weaknesses, leadership style, etc. She gave us excellent options to choose from. We ended up moving forward with a franchise that’s a great fit that we never would have thought of without Kim’s guidance. If you’re considering franchising, I highly recommend working with her. You’ll be glad you did.

NathanAustin, TX – January 2021

Kim is incredible!

Kim was incredibly helpful in our journey to become business owners. She was meticulous in getting to know our values, strengths, vision and goals, which led to us getting connected with the perfect business opportunity. She is also very generous with her time, wisdom, and resources. We would highly recommend her and give her 5 stars!!!

MarshallGrapevine, TX – January 2021

Kim is knowledgeable, positive, and well connected!

Kim’s process was great! She first worked to understand what was really important to me as a person. She was truly interested in getting to know my strengths and weaknesses in order to best select particular franchise opportunities for me to review. She was patient and answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and in an energetic fashion. I never felt like it was a bother for her to talk to me, and I was full of all kinds of questions! Kim was instrumental in helping determine the type of franchise that would fit my experience as well as style, as well as getting everything set up to begin working. I recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a franchise without reservation! I know that she has the best interest of the people she is working with at the center of her business practices. We need more people like her in the world. Her positive attitude and energetic working style are an inspiration!

David & PattiHighland, UT – January 2021

Life Changing Event!

With covid -19 , we were side tracked from our normal real estate investing activities. We reached out to Kim after listening to her interview with Chris Miles on Money Ripples Podcast. Kim did an amazing job understanding our needs, providing opportunities and being a smoothing influence along the way never pushing. We are very excited about our future, and we are grateful for Kim. We will refer her to others.

AndyMinneapolis, MN – January 2021

Kim has a process and asks the right questions

If becoming a business owners is your dream and you like the idea of a proven model I’d recommend Kim to help you on your quest. Kim takes the time to get to know you and what you are looking for. It is clearly something she has refined over many years of experience. I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge into business ownership, but Kim was a wonderful guide showing me the steps for when I am ready to jump in. Kim speaks from experience and can be that voice of reason when doubt creeps in. I’d recommend calling her and seeing if business ownership is right for you!

ErisSan Antonio, TX – January 2021

Kim is Awesome!

I never expected that I would be where I am today, and it is all thanks to Kim! I reached out to Kim after listening to her talk as a guest on a podcast. I wanted to see what options would be available to me through the franchising model. Talking with Kim left me thoroughly informed and surprised at what franchise I could become apart of. I am very satisfied with the entire process and path that I have chosen to go down. Kim is a beacon of positivity and an inspiration to all. I would recommend Kim to anyone who is considering becoming a part of a franchise. I would go so far to say that if you don’t consult Kim, then you would be doing yourself a great disservice. Thanks for everything Kim!

NicholasSaint Paul, MN – December 2020

Kim is the best!

Kim is an outstanding guide and resource to help me realize my dream of owning a franchise business! Kim took great care to thoroughly understand my goals, and then identified several compelling opportunities that matched those goals. While researching the candidate franchisors, Kim helped me clarify my goals and focus on the relevant information to ensure that my final selection is a perfect fit. Kim’s knowledge and professionalism are truly inspirational, and her encouragement gave me the confidence to achieve my dream of owning a business. I will highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to own a franchise business as a means to achieve their personal and financial goals!

KathyMcKinney, TX – December 2020

Kim is a Unicorn!!

When I say Kim Daly is a unicorn, I say that with the utmost in admiration as there is absolutely no one like her!! Not only does she know the ins and outs of Franchising like none other, she has the utmost in listening skills to clue you in to what will be the ultimate fit for You! Kim truly does her work with superior passion and a true desire to be the utmost in service to her clients. She wants you to be successful and reap the long term benefits of being in control of your destiny through owning your own business. It has worked for her and she wants others to be in the same position. Kim and I developed a true relationship through this process. She deeply heard me through high and low conversations and gave me wisdom and advice that I will always be grateful for and cherish! If you truly want to get into franchising or even if you think of it as an option for you on a whim, Kim is the absolute best in the business to guide you through every step in the process. Although it was not the best timing for me right now, it will be one day and Kim will be my go to to help me finalize my dream!!! ❤️Kim Daly!!!

RyanMontana – December 2020

An expert guide on the path to franchise ownership!

Kim is simply the best! I could stop there, but that would be a disservice to the experience you’ll have with Kim. Kim is a motivator in helping to encourage you along the way to making the right decision at the end of your journey. She gets to know you, what you’re looking for, and what is unique about you to help find the best opportunities to fit your personal situation, skill set, goals, and ambitions. She helps quiet the noise of the process to help you focus on what is important and what isn’t, what to consider and what not to worry about, who to talk to and how to ask better questions. Kim works to set a clear path of expectations and timelines which is incredibly helpful for anyone looking into franchise ownership for the first time. She’s been through this with clients for years and knows what to expect along the way. Kim layers in nuggets of wisdom and personal development too that come free of charge 🙂 and she loves to provide that insight. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of franchise ownership, look no further than Kim. She’s your ultimate advocate in the process and becomes a friend along the way!

HermanDallas, TX – December, 2020

Kim is the absolute best in the business!

I cannot be happier with the support, encouragement, and true caring coaching provided me by Kim. I began my quest to own my own business on a whim through a seminar offered by an outplacement service. I had been thinking for years about business ownership and the flexibility and rewards it could provide for my family, but had no idea where to begin or what was involved. Kim took the time to truly get to know me, my leadership style, and experience and provided me a very diverse portfolio of options from which to choose. She was there every step of the way, guiding me through the learning process and coaching me through my options until I was confident that I had the best fit business model for what I aspired to accomplish. I encourage anyone who has even briefly toyed with the idea of business ownership to attend one of Kim’s seminars. You will leave encouraged, empowered, and secure in the knowledge that you have been expertly informed and will know whether or not franchising is a good fit for your ultimate goals in life. Thanks for everything Kim! You helped me learn so much about the process and about myself.

DrewOmaha, NE – November 2020

I learned way more than franchising from Kim!

Thank you for everything, Kim! I’ve learned SO much more than I thought I would on this journey just from the weekly interactions with you. You have really inspired me and got me back on track with dreaming, visualizing, and saying affirmations again. I learned waaay more than just that from you, obviously. Probably the BEST gift you gave me was from our phone call last week. You helped me see that no matter what I do, I’m going to succeed. For some reason, I think I’ve always believed, on a subconscious level, that I had to choose the perfect path or I’d miss out on fate/God’s plan for my life and be unsuccessful. When you told me I would succeed either way and that I have that power within me, it really struck a chord with me and took the weight of having to make the “right decision” off me. I didn’t even realize I was thinking that way about my life until you said it. So THANK YOU!

LarryRochester, NY – October 2020

Honest, Thorough , and High Integrity

It was refreshing to have worked with Kim through her process and really learning more about Franchising. Kim is a true professional that exemplified the highest levels of Honesty, Thoroughness and Integrity . People that really know her and that have worked with her over the years had nothing but great things to say about Kim during my exploration. Would recommend her to anyone looking for an opportunity in Franchising

MikeDenton, TX – October 2020

“The Best in the Business”

Kim is the absolute “Best in the Business”. After being laid off, my journey began on searching for another career path. I was fortunate enough to find a Webinar hosted by Kim on franchising. At the conclusion, I realized I needed to look no further; I called Kim immediately after the presentation and asked “How do I get started”. She is extremely thorough and in depth. Through a series of questionnaires and conference calls, she gets to know everything about you. With all this information, she identifies the franchises that best fit your personality, lifestyle, and your goals. Her passion and positive energy throughout the entire process are unparalleled. Thanks Kim for helping me reach my goal!!

ToddCharlotte, NC – September 2020

Kim rocks!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Kim through a friend that has purchased multiple franchises from her. Kim’s zest for life, business and her desire to help others shined through from the moment I met her. Due to life circumstances, I decided not to purchase a franchise even though there were several I would have picked after going through the process. Everything she discussed and described to me was exactly the way it happened. I loved the process! Do yourself a huge favor and have Kim on your side as you travel the path!

Stephanie and Nathan WankelDenver, Colorado – September 2020

Kim is YOUR advocate

When the world shifts, it’s time to pivot….I’m so grateful that Kim was a guest on our Frenzied To Financial Freedom Podcast, and that I took action so we could add new income streams and businesses to our world. Kim’s attitude of service was essential in successfully matching our goals with stellar brands in the franchising world. Kim is YOUR advocate in this process, she held our hand through the process every step of the way. I am beyond excited that my son and I are opening a business that empowers kids, teaches them discipline, and focuses, all while having fun and working toward a goal in martial arts. Tony Robbins says ,“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do.”  This is why franchising and partnering with a proven leader made sense for us. Thanks for all you do Kim!

Rob & KristyAugusta, GA – August 2020

Kim BEAMS Positivity!

While franchising is not the right thing for me right now, I may come back. I appreciate all you taught me, Kim. You have an amazing attitude and BEAM positivity and abundance. I admire that about you big time! Thank you for everything. .

PattyVenetia, PA – August 2020

Very thorough process!

I had never considered franchising until I was recently laid off. Kim was referred by a former business associate and she was super helpful in looking at franchising options. She was able to quickly understand my questions and provide guidance on basic franchise info as well as suggesting topics/questions to pose to the potential franchises that I was considering. If you are considering franchising, I would certainly recommend Kim as a resource.

ArtDallas, TX – July 2020

Thank you for matching me where I could flourish!

Kim, I wanted to let you know that in my 6th year of coaching with FocalPoint, I won the “Coach of the Year” award – the “Cam Fraser Award for Coaching Excellence”! It’s an incredible honor and it was completely unexpected. A bit like catching lightning in a bottle.

So, once again, thanks for matching me with a franchise where I could flourish.

AlphonsoDallas, TX – July 2020

Kim revitalized my desire for greatness!

Kim, Thank you so much for your continued support. Meeting you has been a blessing which has revitalized my desire for greatness rather than complacency. As discussed, I am a professional who loves working especially when the job makes a difference in the lives of others and society. Although I can’t provide specifics, I have a vision of what I would like to achieve through business ownership. Therefore, I hope to follow up with you in furtherance of our conversation. I believe that God places people in your path for reason. Therefore, our relationship could result in extraordinary possibilities. Stay safe and thank you so much.

KihoDallas, TX – July 2020

Days spent with your support was so precious to me!

Thank you for understanding my situation and helping me realize I am not ready to own my own franchise business. I will refer you to anyone who is interested in franchising business going forward.

JenSan Diego, CA – June 2020

Kim is a true professional!

Kim is passionate, a straight shooter, and knowledgeable about the franchising world. After 20+ years in corporate America, and after 12 years at a company I truly enjoyed working for, I was laid off due to a corporate restructuring. I was thinking about entrepreneurship or consulting when I stumbled into one of her webinars regarding franchise ownership. I figured I would explore the options after an excellent seminar. I was amazed that after getting to know me including my preferences, my overall goals, vision, and risk tolerance, she was able to match me with a selection of 4 great options. When Coronavirus hit she and I had a couple of frank conversations around franchising and the options presented. We did eliminate 3 out of the 4 franchises and I attended discovery day for the last option. Long story short, I am now a franchise owner and look forward to the new opportunity. I would not have made this journey without Kim and for anyone who is looking into franchising she is a wonderful resource and I would highly recommend her.

JackFrederick, MD – May 2020

Kim is an enthusiastic, inspiring, and knowledgable partner.  After 30 years in corporate America, I was looking to transition into something new and was referred to Kim who expertly guided me through franchise opportunities.  She took the time to get to know me  – my experience, my goals, my interests, and passions – to layout options that were a good fit.  She took the time to educate me on the different aspects of the franchise industry and provided counsel through a very dynamic environment (Covid-19.)  If you are in the market for a new opportunity, I would recommend Kim as a trusted and experienced advisor.

GusAtlanta, GA – May 2020

Kim is an amazing coach!! 

At some point in our lives there will come a moment where a decision is required that will define our legacy and feed our purpose. I was faced with this decision after 20 years with a company, my company was going through a restructuring.  The options were to continue with what I have known for 20 years and continue being unfilled or take a leap of faith and opt-out. I took a leap of faith and opted-out of my corporate opportunity to pursue my entrepreneur passion. I was blessed with the opportunity to participate on a webinar hosted by Kim. The first thought was “wow” she had a lot of coffee this morning, but I quickly realize this is what passion sounds like. I scheduled a consultation and she was very professional, energetic/passionate about hearing my story and the why behind my decision.  Kim force me to look deeper than just wanting to own a business. After a few conversations and questionnaires, Kim started to send me opportunities that aligned with my goals. One thing that is so amazing about working with Kim was that she wants to understand you so when I didn’t like a unit, she wanted me to convey why I didn’t like the unit versus just saying I didn’t like the unit. This force me to carefully evaluate my thought process and make sure I was being honest with myself as to why I wanted a business. Kim was there to coach me through every step of the process and to give constructive feedback when needed. The easy part is saying I want to be entrepreneur, the hard part is getting out of your head and executing. Kim has an awesome speech for that as well.

I found a great opportunity that aligned with my goals.  Thanks Kim

Larry & AnitaDallas, TX – May 2020

If you’re even slightly considering a franchise opportunity, you need to start your process with a call to Kim.  She does a fantastic job of matching your goals and interests to available opportunities.  Her experience, connections and process will save you countless hours of valuable time and her upbeat attitude will keep you motivated.

DaveGrass Valley, CA – May 2020

Kim Saved My Life!

After 22 years at the same company, I accepted a voluntary early retirement severance and quickly got to work trying to find a new corporate job.

As I was applying for jobs similar to the one I just left, I found myself saying “I hope they don’t call me”. Clearly it was time for a change in my life and I went to work trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Enter the incomparable franchise consultant Kim Daly! Just by chance, I happened to catch one of Kim’s webinars and I skeptically reached out to her, letting her know I probably wasn’t serious because I was a “scaredy-cat”.

On the very first call, Kim told me EXACTLY how things were going to work and EXACTLY how long the process would take. I laughed and told her six weeks was way too fast for me. As she expertly guided me through the process from getting to know me, to pre-selecting four franchise opportunities for me to investigate, to whittling down the list, and finally getting invited to Discovery Day for my favorite, I found that she was COMPLETELY CORRECT about the entire process and timeline. I said YES to my chosen franchise in exactly six weeks.

I can now happily report that I am excited to get to work for the first time in at least a decade. Thanks to Kim, I’m going to be living a dream that I never even realized was a possibility for me and my family. Meeting Kim in that webinar now seems like such a blessing and I say unashamedly that Kim Daly saved my life! She rescued me from having to go back to a miserable job in corporate America that I would have hated.

Call Kim Daly and give her the opportunity to change your life too. You will not regret it!

Dave Poppleton
G&T Legacy, Inc

RayHouston, TX – May 2020

Kim is great to work with!

When my wife and I decided to leave corporate America to run our own business, our original intent was to buy an existing business. A friend recommended we explore franchising and give Kim a call. We feel very confident we never would have gotten into franchising or found our specific franchise without Kim. Working with Kim was a great experience. She listens to your goals, motivations, and strengths to find a great fit. She guided us through every step of the process to know what to expect. She also kept reminding us that what you’re looking for in a franchise is people, processes, and technology. That kept us focused throughout the discovery process, knowing what to look for. Like her website says, she really is a coach; she encourages and is a great thought partner. She has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry (which a lot of people told me unsolicited) and we agree after working with her!


MichaelAlbuquerque, NM – May 2020

Kim was very kind and enthusiastic about helping!

Kim was kind, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, and more than down to earth in our first conversation. As a 24-year-old, I know that the idea of owning and investing my own money into a franchise seems like a far off goal. Although I am not able to enter into the franchising world at the moment, the idea of wanting to gather advice and guidance from Kim came to mind. Kim was very friendly and welcoming with the idea of wanting to begin researching and gathering information on the necessary know-how on being a franchise owner. Kim did not turn me away because I am young, nor because I cannot currently financially invest in a franchise; HOWEVER, Kim took time out of her schedule to sit and converse with me as she would a close friend. She offered me guidance and advice on franchising options as well as advice she would give to any young person who is investigating the possibility of one day owning a franchise. Put simply, Kim is like the teacher you had in school who cares for your success and will do her best to give you the tools to succeed. While the choice is ultimately ours to make, Kim makes it clear with her words and actions that she finds joy in helping others and in helping people achieve their dreams. Thank you for your kindness, Kim! God Bless, Michael.

Mcihael D

LonnieDallas, TX – May 2020

Kim is a Rockstar

My transition into entrepreurship begin when I met Kim Daly. It was in December of 2019 that I separated from the only company I ever knew since graduating college. What am I going to do now, I asked myself? While I enjoyed working in Corporate America as a Vice President of Human Resources, it was now time for me to look for another gig. After linking up with the local outplacement office, I found myself refreshing my resume and touching up my LinkedIn page, ready to hit the pavement and start over again. That is, until I ran into the “Rockstar” herself, Kim Daly. I first encountered Kim on a webinar where she led the discussion on opportunities within the franchise world. Over the years, my wife and I had discussed opening a business one day. Never did we think it would come to fruition during the largest pandemic to hit the world in my lifetime. Kim challenged us all on the call to think outside of the box and become fearless in our approach of owning a business. Kim met with me and my wife over the phone to get a better understanding of what we were looking to do. Our goal was simple, we wanted to start a legacy for our family, control much of our own destiny moving forward, and work with a reputable franchise. Kim’s infectious energy and positive outlook played an integral role in our decision to move forward in the process. Kim was able to connect Tiffany and I with all the franchises that aligned with our core values. It was like a dating game to be quite honest. But it worked. After careful consideration, we landed with a franchise that met all our criteria. We are excited to start a new journey that is sure to be filled with many first. It was all worth it in the end. Many thanks to Kim for pushing us to get over our fears and move towards a dream that will now become a reality. Cheers to a new chapter of our life, thanks to the help and support of Kim Daly.

Lonnie McGowen

Jim & NickLouisville, KY – April 2020

Just a few short months ago Kim Daly came into our life’s as a guest on our podcast. We knew of the concept of franchises, but not the real benefits of buying one. Through a series of conversations we quickly realized that franchises are a fantastic opportunity for many. Kim was thoughtful in her questions of us and helped us identify a few options that fit our appetite. Then, just a few weeks later, we owned numerous territories of a fast growing brand. Without Kim’s thoughtful and professional work we’d never be in this position. Kim made this such a fantastic experience. If you are considering a franchise then there’s no better person to start with than Kim Daly.

Dominic & JeenCary, NC – March 2020

No matter how confident you are and how much experience you got…… to own or invest into a business is a huge risk taking decision you will ever make. After we got connected with Kim, she took time to get to know us before even talking about franchise business opportunities. This put us in the right mindset to understand our personal objectives and forward thinking mode; helping us to understand the franchise business strategy and vision. Kim encouraged us to evaluate and analyze our future from a very different angle and “think” outside of your box (aka Comfort Zone). And furthermore, Kim also coached us on different type of business we should evaluate and consider, rather than just relying on previous experience. Keyword to keep in mind: “Transferable Skills”. While we are still in the process of deciding our investment strategy & opportunity, we would highly recommend working with Kim as a business investment coach before making any decision on your own. We are very grateful to connect with Kim and the knowledge / advice we got from her was invaluable!!!

SteveMaple Grove, MN – February 2020

Working with Kim Daly is a great way to explore franchise ownership! Kim follows a systematic process to learn about her clients so that she can match them with opportunities that fit their goals and motivations. She is very knowledgeable about the companies she works with and how their franchise sales processes work. This enables her to prepare clients for what to expect at each step. Kim works very hard to educate her clients on the franchise business and guide them through the process so that they can make the decision that is right for them. I am very thankful for everything I learned from working with Kim!

Robert & NicoleAtlanta, GA – February 2020

Kim and I connected when I was presented with the opportunity to redirect where my life and career were headed after my position was eliminated in a corporate downsizing. She made a very compelling and concise case on the merits of considering a franchise versus starting our own business so my wife and I worked with her to evaluate options, with Kim always being extremely mindful of what would fit best for us, our lifestyle, and our life goals.

Progress was swift, communication was clear, and in just one month Kim connected us with the perfect fit. Her diligent guidance extended beyond just finding the right fit; to our surprise Kim advocated for us and coached us through the point of signing the franchise agreement, with her connecting directly with the franchisor behind the scenes to ensure that our best interest were maintained in the entire process.

Because of Kim’s brilliant work, our lives will forever be changed for the better as we’re now business owners operating a franchise in which we truly believe!

HoustonDallas, TX – February 2020

It ended quietly, my 31 year career in the medical industry. I had been with my company for almost 20 years, had been a successful Vice President of a growing division, but a change of leadership meant changes in all top positions to bring in his people. It was fine. I was ready to go, but it did leave me in a bit of a quandary as to what I would do with the remainder of my career as a 56 year old man. My plan had been to retire with this company, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. I had decided to take a year off. I could afford it, and I needed the mental recharge and the time to figure out what I was going to do when I grew up. Along the way, I looked at some things outside of corporate America, but nothing came to fruition. After nine months of leisure, I still had no clue what I wanted to do. All I knew is that I wasn’t going back to the corporate grind.

I had heard the name Kim Daly several months before. Someone passed along her information to me, but I did nothing with it. It was too soon, and I wasn’t that interested in looking. Besides, franchises are all fast food, right? I knew I didn’t want to do that. As part of my parting gift from my company, they had provided 9 months of out-placement service at a firm in Dallas. I didn’t use it, and yes you’re right, I wasn’t trying very hard. After about nine months I decided it was probably time to get serious, and about that time I ran across Kim’s name again. This time through an e-mail from the out-placement company. She was offering a webinar for franchising. “Couldn’t hurt”, I thought. I dialed in and listened to this very passionate and intelligent woman speak to the virtues of franchising. There was more to it than fast food, I discovered. At the conclusion of her webinar, Kim invited us to call her for a consultation. The consultation and the subsequent work we would do together would be at no cost. The franchisor would pay her fee if and when I elected to go that route. “Couldn’t hurt”, I thought. At the appointed time, I contacted Kim for our discovery call. She was very approachable, easy to talk to. Kim took the time to learn about me; my likes, my dislikes, my financial needs, my personality and my goals for retirement. With this information, she would then search for several choices in the wide-wide world of franchising.

Kim delivered back four choices and, long story short, I winnowed those down to one, purchased a license for three locations, and I’m on my way to being a franchise business owner in the fitness world. Kim stayed with me through the process, kept me focused, and mentored me from start to finish. Most importantly, Kim got me off my mental dime, led me to water and gave me the choice to drink…or not. She is totally responsible for getting me to where I am today. I know I could call on Kim any day for help, and she would make time. She’s an awesome franchise consultant but more importantly, she’s an awesome human being. If you’re thinking of taking that big step toward owning your own business, call Kim Daly. Couldn’t hurt.

TomBeechhurst, NY – January 2020

I had accepted a package from my current employer and was looking into franchise opportunities. I was referred to Kim Daly and made an immediate connection, personally & professionally. Kim challenged to me look at all aspects of my life as I searched for my next chapter. She spent time to get to know me and my family. She was intuitive about my feelings and concerns. I can honestly say that I learned more about who I am and how I can be a better person from the whole process. I highly recommend Kim as a coach for anyone looking into franchising. I recommend that you approach this search honestly and openly, without preconceptions – and trusting Kim makes it easier and enjoyable!

JuliePhiladelphia, PA – January 2020

Kim is a life changer. I had heard she was the best of the best from so many others, but it wasn’t until I met her and experienced working with her that I truly understood the impact she has on people’s lives.

I was referred to Kim by good friends of mine who had purchased a franchise through her, and was immediately impressed by Kim’s ability to guide me through a process to evaluate franchises and help me follow my dream of owning my own business. She took the time to truly understood what we were looking for, to understand our goals and fears, to be patient when my husband and I were moving along the process at different paces, and ultimately to direct us to franchises that aligned with our wants and needs.

After looking at a variety of amazing franchise concepts that Kim introduced us to, we had it narrowed down to one. I went to Discovery Day, and came away, frankly, not feeling that “ah ha” moment to sign on that others described. Despite the franchise aligning with the goals Kim helped us narrow down, we were still hesitant. But, Kim challenged and encouraged us, in a perfectly balanced way, to get us past our fears and work towards achieving our goal of business ownership.

Fast forward, we just completed our 3rd full month of business. While every day continues to be a learning opportunity and a challenge, my husband and I are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Budget Blinds brand. The business is exceeding our already lofty goals, and most importantly, we’re able to prioritize what’s important to us day in and day out. We also surprisingly love what we do every day even though we originally thought it would push us outside our comfort zone — no Sunday scaries over here. Owning our own business is one of the most nerve-wracking, emotionally and relationally challenging experiences we’ve ever had, but also the most rewarding and thrilling experience and we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Kim. We’re so incredibly thankful that she talked us over that final hurdle, so that we could experience this great satisfaction of taking a risk to work towards what we felt was best for our family. She truly has changed and continues to change our lives for the better. Thank you Kim!

DarrylAtlanta, GA – December 2019

I was in a career transition when my company told me I was being laid off after 10 years. It was a critical decision point in my life and I knew I wanted to do something that I had always dreamed of: Own my own business. I was connected with Kim Daly after attending one of her webinars about franchise ownership and I was immediately drawn to the concept and her energy and knowledge. After speaking with Kim, she got right to work in matching my personal goals, interests, and financial standing with several potential opportunities that gave me varied perspectives and opportunities for franchise ownership. She walked me step by step through the process, including the calls with franchisors, disclosure documents and introductions to financing options. Kim’s professionalism, personalization, and genuineness are unparalleled. HUGE THANK YOU Kim!!!

Ron & BonnieBoston, MA – December 2019

You will not find a more knowledgeable, energetic, and downright fun consultant to work with in any field. The franchising world can be confusing and seemingly overwhelming to navigate, especially if you have not yet decided which franchise might be right for you. Kim was an integral and vital part of our discovery process; she asked questions and listened to our short and long term goals. She offered her advice and guidance along with suggested franchises, urging to keep an open mind. We truly believe we have found our perfect match and are super excited to be on this adventure. Thank you Kim!!!

MarkOttawa, Ontario Canada – December 2019

Kim Daly is a true professional who you can immediately trust. She is very genuine, a great listener, and is truly all about helping her clients find the right business to suit their needs and abilities. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim by attending her Entrepreneurial Webinar. I’m career transitioning after 15 years with a company that recently reorganized, you know the drill with manager cutbacks. She immediately impressed me with her knowledge about franchising and her passion for helping others to succeed. Working with Kim, I’ve discovered that she is an incredible coach who has the foresight, intuition and the patience to see the potential in her clients. I am deeply grateful for the time she spent with me, and for the guidance she generously afforded me. It would be my pleasure to work with Kim again in the future.

RosalynSan Jose, CA – December 2019

I am so grateful to have found Kim. After months of searching for a franchise and the type that would work for me, I was about to give up. Between the overwhelming info I was getting and people’s critiques of having a franchise, I felt helpless. I came across Kim’s profile on LinkedIn and decided to reach out and see if she could help. From the very first conversation, Kim and I connected, and she listened to my thoughts so well that she was able to compile a list of franchises tailored to my needs in 2 weeks timeframe. I found her list so perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Her insights and background in the franchise business was very helpful, and the way she walked me through the process and each step was amazing. I am a corporate gal who drives processes and put structures in place in big high-tech companies, and I found her skills in this area so strong and easy to digest at the same time. She is simply gifted.

So I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach who can hold your hand and partner with you throughout the journey until you find the perfect business. She is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable and generous in sharing what she knows. Amazing experience working with her.

CharlieNewberyport, MA – November 2019

I spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking at a number of franchise options with Kim. With her expertise and insight we narrowed the search down to several really good fits. Despite this, I still wasn’t ready to commit to one franchise at this time. I decided that I needed to work under an existing franchisee for a period of time to see if what I’d chosen is the right path for me. On the surface we didn’t get to a final choice on a franchise. But for me this was the right decision. Kim’s advice and counsel were invaluable during this time of transition. Even more important was her understanding and encouragement that what I was doing was right for me. I hope that the trial period with the franchise that I’ve chosen leads to a long term commitment. If it doesn’t I’ll be back to explore more options with the best franchise consultant around.

JohnSwampscott, MA – October 2019

I met Kim Daly as I was considering franchising options after corporate downsizing. Kim’s enthusiasm and process was fantastic as she helped me evaluate my long term goals and which types of franchises would be a great fit for me. Kim encouraged me to keep an open mind and now I’m pursuing a great opportunity with a growing franchise and looking forward to the future!

AndyFairfield County, CT – October 2019

I had the opportunity to work with multiple franchise brokers but Kim’s enthusiasm and passion for franchising clearly set her apart from the others. She took the time to get to know me and what would fit my wants and utilize my past professional experiences on Wall Street. She has a deep industry knowledge and extensive experience which were invaluable in my process. She presented me with a tailored list of potential franchises and helped guide me to the one that met my interests and would put me on a path to meet my financial needs. She was ALWAYS available to offer guidance throughout the selection process. I am extremely pleased with the franchise that I chose.

RobTacoma, WA – September 2019

Kim makes this discovery process fun, informative and engaging. She asked probing questions to make sure she fully understood my wants, needs and interests before presenting any franchise options. While I ultimately chose not to make a franchise investment, I learned a lot from Kim and no longer have any “what if” questions about franchising. I greatly appreciate the help and guidance she provided. Anyone interested in exploring franchise investments should talk with Kim.

MikeColumbus, OH -| September 2019

I met Kim after attending a seminar she gave. During her talk, I knew she was THE person I wanted to work with on a decision as important and personal as my family’s financial future. At this point in my search, I had already contacted a few franchises. I told her who I had contacted knowing that she would not receive a commission from them, and I offered to remove them from the list so that she could be compensated for her work with me. After getting to know me and understanding what I wanted out of a business, she recommended that I pursue one of the franchises I had already contacted. She sacrificed her commission – and she was right! I have since purchased that franchise and could not be happier with the fit. Along the way, she provided additional guidance and support based on her experience and understanding knowing she was working for free. If you want work with someone who truly has your best interests in mind, knows the franchise industry as well as anyone and will do the right thing to find your best fit – Kim is your consultant!

DebraDallas, TX – September 2019

Let me start with what an amazing, energetic person Kim is. Her passion is truly infectious. I first met Kim though a career site, I attended one of Kim’s free webinars. It was a perfect, no obligation webinar. No hard sales, just full of excellent information and opportunities. We met with Kim for more information. Kim took time to get to know us, what we liked and didn’t like, strengths and weaknesses, goals, vision and so much more. This process was to establish and match us with the perfect franchise opportunities. After which, Kim presented us with the top 5 options. Kim set us up with interviews for more information on the ones we liked. The process was so smooth, and everything you needed to know was answered. We are know set up with a franchise that was an absolutely perfect match for us – we could not have done this without Kim. Thank you so much Kim. You are not only an inspiration, you are a life saver.

JenniferDallas, TX – September 2019

If you are thinking of going into franchising, you need to speak with Kim Daly. Her expertise, coaching skills and positive energy will help you make the right decision for you and your family. For myself it was not the right time to start down the path and Kim understood but I am so glad I started the process and learned from her. I am so much more informed than before I started and hopefully in the future I can start the process again. Thanks Kim!

Adam BBoston, MA – August 2019

Kim should be your first point of contact for anyone interested in franchise ownership. She is the ultimate resource of knowledge, energy & passion. Kim takes the time to get to know you, and will support and guide you through the process of researching and ultimately identifying the right fit for her clients. Kim is a great partner to have on your side! Although, I did not select a franchise at this time, I will definitely utilize Kim again if circumstances change.

Frederick DCentennial, CO – August 2019

Although I did not buy a franchise, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and working with Kim Daly. She was extremely efficient with my time, knowledgeable of the process and a great source of information. Should the situation change, I will definitely give Kim a call.

Scott MLantana, TX – August 2019

I had been in corporate life all of my career with my last roles at the senior executive level. As a result of the acquisition of the company, my last role was eliminated. This is where my journey began.

Being truly open to where my path may lead, I looked at going back into the corporate world initially. However, I began to see the opportunity to ‘do my own thing’ which means building your own business and future. I was then introduced to Kim Daly. What a dynamic personality! She really helped my wife and I through the maze of evaluating franchises which can be very overwhelming if you do it on your own. She kept us focused and coached us on the key items to evaluate. Kim brings a wealth of information and experience to the discussion. She hones in on your goals and objectives in building your business and then helps guide you to the handful that may actually ‘fit’ you. Ultimately, we became franchise business owners and have not looked back. I am truly thankful for Kim and her expertise and will recommend her to anyone ready for the franchise ‘journey’.

Kelly HIrvine, CA – August 2019

I started the search for a franchise with little direction and a ton of questions, and was so grateful to be introduced to Kim! She fearlessly led me through the personalized research and selection process to find a franchise I’m over the moon excited about!

Bo & EllieDallas, TX – July 2019

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have learned so much about the Franchise business through your guidance. Your process and guidance made it so easy for us. If we ever get back to the idea of opening a franchise business, we will be sure to contact you again.

Ray & NadiaDallas, TX – July 2019

When someone like me, a corporate drone, decided to take a leap of faith and make a pivotal change in my life, I embarked on a journey to find a brand new land, or business in this case, much like Columbus did a long time ago. However in order for him to get his barrings, he relied on a compass, the stars, sun and moon to get him to his destinations. Similarly and fortunately for me, I was introduced to my guide, Kim Daly. Kim has been a superb guiding resource and advocate for personal change. Kim provided not just the data and resources for my objectives, but more so the temperament, patience, humanistic quality of empathy to frame the elements that I needed to embark on my new business journey and with that I will ever be grateful. Kim is a highly driven and focused professional that can help provide the right package to finding a successful business opportunity for those who have the initiative and passion to be a successful business owner. With Kim’s guidance and assistance I was connected with the right franchise entity. My wife and I are now the proud owners of our first business which will be opening at the end of this year (2019). My personal opinion is that, for anyone wanting to educate themselves about the franchise world and knows that the internet can only get you so far, then a personal point of contact and franchise coach is at your fingertips and that is Kim Daly.

Ray & Kristen GDallas, TX – July 2019

The prospect of business-ownership really comes to life when you find a brand you love and a system that you can visualize being a part of – something I didn’t realize until we went through the process with Kim. Her process was enlightening and empowering, providing valuable insight that we couldn’t get through analysis alone. I learned a lot and while saying yes was still a little scary, I’m confident in my decision and excited about building my business.

Joe B – Dallas, TX | June 2019

I was in the middle of a job transition when I attended a webinar with Kim Daly. My wife and I had always considered franchising but never took the leap. It was pleasant surprise finding Kim and the invaluable guidance she offered. After learning more about our needs, Kim offered us some options to consider. Before long we were ready to take the leap, but some doubts crept in about the lead franchise we were considering. Was it too new? Was it trendy? To say the least, I was waking up sweating it out whether we were making the right decision. Kim could not have been more of a friend and talked me through the challenges I was having and helped me realize that this was not the opportunity for us. Kim was that friend you can call on to be there for you. In the end, we chose a franchise that my wife and I believe in. I could not be happier with our decision and really appreciate Kim’s support.

Mario P – Randolph, NJ | June 2019

As many of us look to better our future and create a successful business model which provides the financial support and time to live the lifestyle we desire, it is paramount to carefully choose the right advisors. I am an executive building a semi-passive cash-flow model through franchising and real estate. Kim has served an invaluable role in helping select the next franchise for my wife and I. Her franchise acumen and problem solving approach created a great partnership. We appreciated her steadfast and no pressure style to identifying what was right for us. We would highly recommend Kim to our family, friends and colleagues.

Daniel R – Dallas, TX | June 2019

After my corporate position was eliminated, I began working with a franchise consultant to evaluate several franchise investment opportunities. A few weeks into my search with this consultant, I was introduced to Kim Daly. Wow!!! What a different approach Kim takes with her clients. She takes the time to truly understand your goals, strengths/weaknesses, interests and risk tolerance before ever making a recommendation. Kim was very engaged throughout the validation/discovery process. Her professionalism, positive energy and enthusiasm are a real bonus. I’d highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to transition from a corporate career into the world of franchisee ownership.

Daryl L – Pewaukee, WI | May 2019

I met Kim after having my corporate job eliminated and deciding that I wanted more control over my future. Kim takes the time to understand what drives her clients, their strengths and weaknesses, and their risk tolerance before ever making a franchise recommendation. She is a true expert in every sense. In addition, I let Kim know right up front that I also had another franchise in mind and actually ended up moving in that direction. The amazing thing is that Kim never treated me any different than someone who was buying a franchise that she represents. Kim is an unstoppable force and knows how to take you through this process better than anyone else because she is her own A-plus franchise!

Jared O – Dallas, TX | May 2019

Thanks, Kim. You made the process easy. I appreciate all the time you put into it so that I could be educated and make a solid business decision.

Gary T – Flower Mound, TX | April 2019

I was in the early stages of evaluating whether a Franchise was the right opportunity for me and my wife when I was introduced to Kim. From the beginning she understood my concerns and showed a genuine interest in providing me with options to be considered. Kim educated me and allowed me the space to evaluate several options. I never felt pressured and always felt she had my best interest as her objective. Unfortunately at this time for several personal reasons I did purchase a franchise. When I restart my Franchise search process I will definitely be reaching out to Kim.

Thank You Kim.

Jody E – Houston, TX | April 2019

I want to thank you, Kim, for all the time, effort and attention you gave me in helping me to decide if a franchise business opportunity was right for me. You obviously are extremely successful in what you do and must therefore be working with many people; however, you never made me feel like I was not your number one client. You are someone who truly cares for people and you seem only concerned with what’s best for your clients. Although I decided not to pursue a business opportunity at this time you nevertheless thanked me for the opportunity to work with me and counsel me in reaching this decision. Not many people would do that – you are special. Thanks again.

Terry W – Columbus, OH | March 2019

If you have any desire to own your own business and are considering a franchise, Kim Daly is the franchise consultant you should use. My experience in working with her demonstrates why she is one of America’s top franchise consultants. She patiently worked with me over a 13 year period to find the franchise opportunity that best suited my goals. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and understanding. Simply put, she was a joy to work with, and I would strongly recommend Kim for anyone. The journey in finding my business was painless and exciting, and trust me that you will love working with Kim as well.

Rick & Tracey G – Dallas, TX | March 2019

It’s too easy to say that Kim just helps you find a franchise. You know how they have those Sherpas, natives of Nepal, that accompany and guide climbers as they scale Mount Everest? That analogy is probably more accurate. Especially if you are like us when we started – wanting to find the next thing, unsure how to even start on the journey, not really sure what the journey even was. We didn’t even know there was a guide/coach that we needed. Thank goodness a friend recommended Kim. She talked to us – interviewed us, really. Got to know us and what our interests were, what our goals were. Then, over the course of a few conversations, guided us and was coach, counselor, sanity keeper, and trusted ally. If you are unsure how/where to start and don’t want to find a franchise on your own, there’s an easy button for you. Her name is Kim Daly.

Jocelyn E – Valencia, CA | March 2019

You’ve helped me find my strength in a way that has crystallized a path for me and my future, and I will be forever grateful. My journey with franchising is a huge unknown, but what I do know is that I will give it my best and be happy and self- fulfilled in doing so.

Jonathan Anderson | March 2019

Your candidates are always so well prepared with a lot of great questions. Thank you for continuing to do what you do! It’s no wonder you are consistently on top of that FranChoice leader-board!!

Jonathan Anderson - VP Operations
Image Studios 360 Franchise

Lucy J – Vermont | February 2019

The first time I was introduced to Kim was at a webinar she hosted on franchising. I had been let go after 25+ years in the corporate world and was exploring all options and never thought franchising would be in my future but I was so impressed by Kim that I contacted her to get together before the webinar was even over. Kim is the best – from her expertise and experience in the franchising industry to her passion, commitment and professionalism as a coach, she is truly wonderful to work with. She is there for you every step of the way and personalizes the entire journey focusing the experience on you and your hopes and dreams. Truly life-changing and I would highly recommend Kim to anyone with a dream who needs that champion beside them to help realize that dream.

John F. Beck – Dallas, TX | February 2019

Kim was the ultimate in providing franchise industry expertise, educating me on the process, timelines and expectations. Importantly, Kim played the role of cheerleader, coach, advisor and Able Challenger. Kim was exceptional in providing more data and analysis when needed but always came back to my Objectives and Dreams to support a Go Forward or No Go decision. Strongly recommend Kim Daly as the “best of the best in franchising advisory role.”

Amanda M – Fairfax, VA | January 2019

I loved working with Kim. She cheered me on the whole way and guided me through the process. Her videos are super helpful too! I’d definitely recommend her services to anyone who’s looking into franchising.

Chris & Abbie D – Pensacola, FL | December 2018

Kim, thank you for your guidance in our search for a franchise. Like many people we knew we could do more to secure a better financial future and potentially retire sooner. The concept of owning a franchise seemed daunting to us and has been overlooked for some time. Your guidance has shown us that it is not only an opportunity but a reality that can be managed while keeping our current jobs. What we didn’t realize is that franchises come in all shapes and sizes and you can find an opportunity to grow your wealth on your own terms. My wife and I are excited to do this as a team and really put our creativity and hard work to good use. We look forward to this new phase of our lives and won’t forget you were an important part of the process.

Matt & Dana K – Hershey, PA | December 2018

As someone who works in the franchise industry, I had high expectations when it came to partnering with a consultant to help us find a business match. From the first call, it was clear that Kim was “for” us. She truly took the time to get to know our interests and goals before making suggestions on franchises that may be a good fit. Kim’s methodical process helped us focus and evaluate options objectively. Ultimately, we ended up purchasing a franchise that we wouldn’t have discovered on our own. I never once felt pushed or rushed by Kim. She is incredibly responsive and always does what she says she’s going to do. As an added bonus, Kim is incredibly connected in the franchise world, and she was able to connect with other partners along the way. Just a great experience.

Brooke M – Dallas, TX | November 2018

Kim was an amazing partner and coach during the process of finding a franchise that was a perfect fit for me! She was right-the process was brisk, yet thorough. After a couple of sessions with her, she recapped what she had learned from me and nailed it! How did she know me so well and truly understand my dreams and goals for myself and my family?! She is an incredible listener-always willing to not just hear about my concerns and questions-but really listen to them and then steer me in the right direction. Each interaction with Kim was insightful and always productive! I am delighted and proud to now be a business owner because of Kim Daly!

Jonyce Brown – Jacksonville, FL | October, 2018

Whether career transitioning is difficult or easy for you. Engaging a skilled professional regarding your interests or questions can result in increased knowledge and making informed decisions. If you are considering Franchise ownership, Kimberley Daly is your consummate professional to help you understand fundamentals, risks and rewards. Building on developing clients core business acumen, Kimberley will also pinpoint franchise models that you can be passionate about. In my personal experience, I found Kimberley’s professional skills, fervent to help others and franchise portfolio impressive.

Kyle & Keat – Raleigh, NC | September 26, 2018

Starting a franchise is hard, but Kim made the process much easier. When we first decided to go into a franchise, it was overwhelming based on how much information was available. After the first few, we weren’t sure about what we wanted to do, but Kim stayed with us throughout the process. After some time settling down, Kim came back to us with her process of 3 franchises, in all different fields. She approached us with the 3 different types, and all of the items made us excited, so we weren’t sure which to go with. We went into the research process of the 3 franchises with completely different mindsets, and Kim helped guide us in the right direction (especially since one particular franchise was “a great fit” for us). After it was all done, we signed on to our franchise, and we couldn’t be happier. Whenever someone asks us how we got into our franchise, we always bring up Kim and her process of guiding us in the right direction. Thank you Kim; your unique approach and overly positive attitude was a breath of fresh air during the chaos.

Ian C – Keller, TX | July 19, 2018

Although I have significant corporate experience of managing at senior levels, I knew little about the franchise world and where to start. Enter Kim Daly. Having been introduced to her through one of her webinars I was very much drawn to her enthusiastic style, knowledge of the industry and rationale for making the leap. As I got to know her better I realized that although it is her business to get you into franchise ownership she does it with a keen sense in protecting the best interests of her client and truly caring about you as a person. Although my time with Kim was efficiently spent and relatively short as a consequence of her finding the best fit franchise business for me, I very much think of her as a friend and somebody I was very fortunate to have been introduced to. Without doubt she helped me navigate through the emotional roller-coaster and got me to a place where I’m not only confident in my choice of business but excited about the future.

Ash S – Allen, TX | July 13, 2018

In my journey transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, I listened in on a Kim Daly Webinar. She inspired me, and so that very evening, I emailed Kim. Kim immediately got back and patiently gathered strengths and interests for my wife and me. She was able to recommend some neat franchises to us which we explored. She worked patiently with us, coaching and encouraging, especially when doubts crept up. She has a wonderfully positive personality and it shows through each interaction with her. After nearly getting through one Franchisor and being denied after discovery day, Kim once again was very encouraging as we returned to our very first pick, Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea. She has helped anchor us with a very good company backed by an incredibly experienced Franworth. We ended picking up a three-pack development opportunity in May 2018 and are thankful for Kim’s guidance. It was great to meet her in person in Dallas recently at a gathering and she is just as awesome in person as on the phone.

Scott & Shelly – West Virginia | June 22, 2018

My husband and I had diligently been looking for businesses and/or investments for at least the last 5 years but never found anything that offered what we wanted, either because we didn’t know what we wanted or we didn’t have the confidence to make the leap. Working with Kim changed that. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and well-connected in the franchise industry. She worked with us to determine what our goals were and to match us with corresponding opportunities. She was our biggest cheerleader when nervousness set in and our biggest educator when we had questions. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to take the leap into owning their own business.

Fernando A – San Jose, CA | June 13, 2018

Franchise was a really foreign world to me, I was intrigued and overwhelmed by it. After engaging with Kim I can say now that I’m capable of evaluating franchises opportunities with some much deeper understanding. Kim will take you through a journey customized for you and lead you through the discovery process with great insights, details, and above all patience. Kim not only knows and in and outs of the franchise world but she decodes it for you with great clarity. I ended up not embarking in a franchise business (yet!… the time wasn’t right), but when ready I will certainly be back to work with Kim!

Dylan – Greenwich, CT | May 30, 2018

From Burnt Out to Fired Up
I had been limping along in corporate America for 15 years. I was making excellent money, supporting a family of 5, living in a beautiful part of the country. We had a wonderful life, a life that most would be thrilled about. Yet, something wasn’t quite right. Deep down, alongside my feelings of constant angst, was a persistent feeling of discontent and a general lack of fulfillment and connection to my work. I felt lost and frustrated…until I met Kim. Kim helped me see that there was an entire world out there for people like me who didn’t fit the corporate mold. She helped me understand that the feelings of angst and discontent were simply the universe signaling to me that I needed a change and I was better suited for an entrepreneurial life. Through a structured and thorough process, Kim found out what was important to me and what my dreams consisted of. She ultimately lined me up with a franchise opportunity that I could not be more excited to begin. While I am nervous about the drastic change, I am confident I have chosen the right path thanks to Kim’s direction, mentorship and guidance. Thanks to Kim, I finally feel like I am headed towards something that will bring into my life more passion, more connection and more joy. If your current employment situation doesn’t feel right, call Kim. She is smart, funny, passionate, ambitious and trustworthy. I feel so fortunate that Kim found her way into my life.

Jack C – Coppell, TX | May 15, 2018

As an active Boy Scouts volunteer and a proud father of an Eagle Scout, I am convinced that Kim must have been raised in a Boy Scouts family. During her consultations with me, she exemplified many of the Boy Scouts Law points: She is Trustworthy, Helpful, Friendly, Kind, and especially Cheerful. I also have been in sales for all of my career. I know that the adage of “Customers Buy from People They Like” is absolutely true. Kim made me like her from the first time we met, and over time, she earned my trust by putting my interests first. She listened well to my life goals, providing me with four solid “blind dates” with potential franchisors. Once I selected a franchise concept, she listened again and provided me with two additional “blind date” franchisors within the same industry. She also took time to educate me on the Franchise Disclosure Document which I had no prior knowledge of. While I decided to postpone my franchisee career, the minute I am ready, I will call Kim. In the meantime, I will refer my friends and business associates to her. She earned my loyalty. She has a heart of gold. I encourage you to know Kim. You will be glad you did.

Sam R – Cedar Grove, NJ | April 20, 2018

Prior to us working together, I had been approached by/met a number of “Franchise Brokers” and couldn’t get comfortable enough of make a connection that would compel me to move forward. So, why am I writing this note? Because I am having a great experience and wanted to let you know firsthand how much I appreciate your expertise, advice and professional pragmatism. I am so pleased that we continue to have the opportunity to work together as I make assessments of franchises we’ve identified and learn of new opportunities coming to market. We had never met throughout the entire process and yet were able to set goals, limits and ideals faster than I would have thought possible for this type of investment. The initial interview was key. You were proactive in identifying the landscape and addressing my concerns. You provided everything I asked for and needed to address both of those parameters. As we talked about industry and format i.e. absentee, owner managed, regional oversight etc., I was able to validate my own reality as to what I felt I could do, timing, and, what I would like to own. The true testimonial is how, through our scheduled conversations, we were able to vet and identify franchise opportunities for which I truly had a passion. Thank you so much and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Jason Kayser | April 4, 2018

Kim skillfully walked me through the thinking process for what it took to become a successful franchisee. During this process she unobtrusively worked with as much information as I was comfortable sharing to ensure I had an accurate picture of all that franchising would entail. In asking right questions, Kim helped me through my own misconceptions about franchising. Although I did not chose to move forward with a franchise at this time, I felt that Kim’s professional, thorough and positive view towards the whole process added tremendous value to my overall personal decision making process. If I should decide to pursue franchising again, I would definitely want to leverage Kim’s expertise and proven experiences.

Allan – New York, NY | March 26, 2018

Kim Daly is the ‘go to’ authority when you are exploring the world of franchises. She was a featured speaker at our recent executive conference attended by over 100 business leaders. I personally know of several people she has guided during an exploration of this vast universe..including me! Kim is a tremendous resource.

Andrew – Redding, CT | March 21, 2018

When it was time to consider alternative income opportunities, I turned to Kim Daly and Franchoice. Kim was able to assess my needs quickly; using a fast but comprehensive process, and identified several franchise opportunities that proved to be great matches. Franchoice clearly represented the latest and most comprehensive book of franchise options nationally. Kim’s knowledge, open minded approach and strong industry contacts made all the difference.

Tony P – Atlanta, GA | March 15, 2018

I had a great experience working with Kim to launch my first Franchise Business! From the start, I could tell that she very knowledgeable about the process and the industry! In the beginning of the process, Kim spent some time getting to know my background, likes and dislikes and my expectations for business success. We went through several calls and evaluations of different opportunities. Throughout the process, I found Kim to be extremely helpful and articulate about the different options and she encouraged me to follow my dreams! Kim is very articulate and able to help you determine which Franchise model will be a good fit for your personality and style. I highly recommend Kim, as I honestly believe she is in the top tier of anyone within the Franchise Consultant industry!

A. Kyle – Former Fortune 100 CMO | December 14, 2017

I can’t adequately describe my gratitude for Kim Daly for helping me discover a new success path for my life. She introduced me to the franchise world with a selection approach that was thoughtful, caring, personalized and enlightening. I signed with my first franchise early in the year, which enabled me to leave Corporate America with the potential to replace my salary. Because my first venture is a semi-absentee model, I decided to search for an additional business after several months. Kim helped me identify the perfect choice, and I signed with my second franchise in December of the same year! The complementary businesses she helped me select will perfectly leverage my skills and experience while providing incredible income potential for the rest of my life. I’m excited about my future and wholeheartedly appreciate Kim’s help in making it a reality. I am blessed to know this amazing woman.

Lori Hood | October 16, 2017

Kim is wonderful! She helped me find and get established with a great franchise that was a perfect fit for my skill set, interests, and financial goals. I would have never found this franchise without her, and now that I’m in business, I know this is exactly where I’m meant to be. Thanks, Kim, for your encouragement, knowledge of the franchises, and incredible ability to find the right one for me!

W. B Lennon III – Fairmont, NC | August 16, 2017

Kim is AWESOME! Top of the hill! A consummate professional, overwhelmingly personable, doggedly dedicated and determined, and great to work with. She helped me find my dream franchise and I had no idea what that was the first time I met her. Working with Kim is a step in the right direction toward making your goals. She is a great partner who cares about her clients and their success. Working with her is a great decision for anyone looking to be successful with a franchise.

T. Routhier – Vermont | September 17, 2016

You are incredibly knowledgeable and I will forever view Franchises differently because of you…in a much more positive light.

Ravi – Hartford, CT | June 15, 2016

Kim has been a great resource in my search for a franchise business. She was exceptional in her ability to execute this model flawlessly. She was very thorough in interviewing my wife and me to determine our strengths, experiences, interests and financial goals. We learned quite a bit about ourselves through this process. Through this process, we were able to finalize our decision to one franchise that fits well with our needs.

Kim is very professional and knowledgeable about this process. She guided us through it expertly and was there with answers during every step of the way. As we conducted our due diligence and discussed the various businesses with the franchisors, we received quite a few accolades for Kim. Several of them said that she is one of the very best franchise counselors they have worked with. Best of all we really enjoyed the air of excitement and energy that came through loud and clear every time we spoke to Kim. I have already introduced her to one of my friends and will have no hesitation to introduce her to others interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.

Rob – York, ME | March 22, 2015

Provides an invaluable service. Guiding, advising, but most important listening” “Clearly understands the magnitude of the decision, considering the clients difficulties and concerns at all stages of the process”. “Energetic, positive and insightful. A pleasure to work with.

John – Dallas, TX | January 18, 2015

It is I who needs to say “Thank You”! Your honesty, integrity, and especially your enthusiasm is what convinced me it was time to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. I’m totally convinced God has answered both of our prayers. I’m at real peace (peace only God can bring) about the decision (can’t wait to get started.) I was asked by a friend if I had a passion to sale window coverings. I said, “My passion was to control my life and have the flexibility to be a very involved dad and husband while at the same time being able to prepare for the future. Thank you for your guidance and may God richly bless you and your boys.

JT Thiessen – Tailored Living | October 16, 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Kim for the last 14 years while with Home Franchise Concepts and I’m continually amazed that anyone can sustain the energy, compassion, and professionalism that Kim brings to her candidates every day. While her expertise in franchising is unparalleled, it’s her commitment towards understanding the candidate’s needs and wants on a personal level that makes her one of the best in the industry. Our bands are heavily populated with amazing franchisees that were introduced to us by Kim and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her personalized service to anyone interested in creating a better life for themselves and their families through business ownership.

Rick Bisio – Author of the Education Franchisee | April 05, 2014

The Educated Franchisee is 100% focused on helping prospective franchisees make the very best decision regarding business ownership. Critical to making a great decision is working with great advisors. If you are looking for an exceptional franchise coach you should seriously consider working with Kim. Kim is an exceptional advisor in every sense of the word. Kim has many years of experience and has worked with 1000’s of people. She is consistently ranked nationally as a top franchise coach and works hard to deliver the knowledge and guidance required to make great decisions. Kim Daly creates educated franchisees who then go on to build great businesses.


We love social proof! So whether you said yes or no to your business ownership dreams, whether you’ve just said Yes! or been in a business for some time, how did the Daly Coach and her free service help you feel competent and confident in your final decision? Would you refer Kim to someone you know? Thank you in advance for sharing your experience! Your words could inspire another’s dream!