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Kim is really good

I met Kim through a friend and I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of business but especially the franchise space. I worked in finance for 35 years with UPS and I currently own a successful pet care business. I need help to flush out some business strategies and Kim did a great job helping me do that.
Thank you Kim and I highly recommend her.

Jack Carrig
May, 2024

Kim is brilliant

I learned a lot from Kim in the couple months we worked together and still think about a few golden nuggets shared with me on business. She works hard for her clients and presented me with several rounds of options for the franchises we were looking into.

April, 2024
New Jersey

Kim will educate you

Kim provides everything you need to know to kickstart your franchising journey. What I learned in the process was that franchising was ultimately not my cup of tea. Nonetheless, with Kim’s assistance and guidance I gained sufficient insight into making my determination. Even though I chose not to proceed at this time, Kim welcomed my curiosity and pointed me in the direction of worthy opportunities.

April, 2024

Kim is wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced!

We arrived to Kim after listening to some podcast shows on Money Ripples podcast by Chris Miles “The anti-financial advisor” where Kim was the special guest. We have been in a journey to reinvent ourselves financially. My husband and I are professionals W-2 earners and have been working on the next step in our lives. In the quest for investment opportunities, we had the chance to hear Kim being interviewed by Chris Miles. We became immediately interested in learning more, inspired by her knowledge and motivational, go get-em attitude! She was able to accommodate us right away in her schedule and she mentored us throughout this process, educating and opening our eyes to the many misconceptions we had about franchising. We have recently said YES to our entrepreneurship. Kim has been with us all along the way. We are very grateful for her mentorship, guidance, networking, energy boost, positive attitude and disposition throughout this exciting journey. Looking forward to more business opportunities in the near future.
Thank you so much Kim!

Laura and Matthew O'Connell
March, 2024
Lincoln, RI

Truly a Trusted Advisor

Kim quickly helped me go from knowing nothing about franchising to feeling like an expert. She matched me with multiple potential brands that were all a great fit for my skills and preferences, and she gave me great encouragement, guidance, and coaching throughout the process. I have referred multiple friends to Kim and would 100% work with her again myself.

February, 2024
Washington, DC

Insightful and Professional

I wholeheartedly recommend Kim as a franchise coach. She’s not just a coach; she’s a perceptive coach and a wonderful person to work with. Despite not taking the franchise plunge, her insights and personalized approach made the journey truly enlightening. Kim is not just about finding any franchise; she’s all about finding the perfect fit for you. I appreciate her dedication, clear communication, and genuine care. If you’re considering a franchise adventure, I highly recommend teaming up with Kim. Thank you Kim!

Joel Bechtel
January, 2024

Positive and extremely bright!


Yes, Kim is positive and enthusiastic, however, she is also well measured, thoughtful, and an extremely helpful mentor to the franchise matchmaking process!

She initially met with us and immediately understood where we are and where we wanted to be in our goals. She then introduced us to several perspective franchise opportunities, which were all well matched.

Throughout the process, she was helpful and extremely available. Her positivity and demeanor made navigating the process that much easier. I at times leaned on her for personal advice, and when I needed some motivation, she was right there. But I don’t think in just a blind, “rah rah” way. She is well measured and knows what she is talking about.

I have noticed that she is also extremely articulate and communicates her important messages very well.

I look forward to continuing to work with Kim in the future. A special person!

Mike B
December, 2023
Cleveland, OH

Passionate and Connected

I started the discovery process twice with Kim. The first time ended up not being the right time for me and Kim was very understanding and patient. The second time Kim and I connected, my husband joined me in the discovery and validation process. Kim was enthusiastic and ready to jump back in. Kim connected us to a business opportunity that fit both of our interests. She is very knowledgeable and very well respected in the industry. She is very thorough in gaining insights into her clients long term and short term goals as well as time available to commit to the business..

November, 2023

Positive, Energetic and True

I led Kim down a 3 year journey before finally deciding on something. We spoke on and off for 3 years and every time I spoke to her she was ready to go. She was patient, full of knowledge and the thing I love about Kim the most is that she is HONEST. She would tell many times that she didn’t think a particular brand was right for me. So, I let her do her thing, and since she got to know me well, she had me look at opportunities that fit my lifestyle, goals etc. Kim is extremely hard working and has grown a heck of a business and I would say is the gold standard as far as franchise consultants go. She does her homework and knows what she is doing. I would recommend Kim to anyone. True Gem!

Andy Deck
November, 2023

Kim has a passion for helping people!

Since retiring from the U.S. Army, my wife and I have always been interested in opening our own business and had no clue on where to start. If you are at the same point in your life and want to speed up your dream of building something for yourself, look know further than Kim Daly! She is passionate about helping people obtain their dreams, is an excellent coach, and a true professional. Highly recommended!!

Will and Heather Mason
October, 2023
Huntsville, Alabama

Best in the biz!

Kim was a fantastic resource for me throughout my franchise journey. Going into the process, my biggest fears included choosing the right brands, and being unsure of what I didn’t know about franchising. It was obvious from day 1 that Kim is an expert in the franchise industry, and can speak to her knowledge on pretty much any topic in franchising. And when she connected me to various brands throughout the process, they would tell me time and time again that I was working with the best franchise consultant in the entire country. This gave me a big peace of mind. And this was evident throughout the whole process. Kim did a great job of talking me through different brands, industries etc, and providing me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. And once I decided on the brand that was right for me, she didn’t disappear – she continued to coach me all the way through the end. I would highly recommend Kim to help guide you through the franchise journey.

October, 2023
Denver, CO

Kim is the Cat’s Meow!

We were are at a point in our investing journey that we either needed to return to W2 incomes or find another stream of income. As entrepreneurs, we decided that going into business ourselves and building our dreams was a far better choice than working hard to build someone else’s dream. We were listening to a real estate podcast where Kim was the guest, and we were hooked instantly to Kim’s personality and business ideas. We filled out the form in November of 2022 and just 5 months later, we became proud owners of a fantastic franchise that fit our values and goals. Kim’s process is uncanny, and her support is unwavering. She’s not afraid to tell you the blunt truth because it’s what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Trust her process and Kim will never lead you astray. She makes it so easy to find a business that suits you. Thank you Kim for everything!

Angie and Rhandy Ragudos
October, 2023
Brookfield, WI

Sweet Spot

If you are looking for someone that is clearly in their sweet spot and is full of energy and knowledge, you have found her. Kim has a wealth of information in the franchise space and has mastered her craft to find what is best for you and your circumstances.

October, 2023
Milwaukee, WI

Expertise and Enthusiasm!!!

Kim helped us navigate the many different paths for franchise options that we had. We were very fortunate to meet Kim given her many years of experience and personalized approach. She is there with you every step of the way. From beginning to end, no question is too big or too small. Her prompt responses and great follow up makes sure you are moving down the path without delay. We couldn’t have done this without Kim. Her many years of experience shine through as well as her uplifting attitude. We have recommended her to many friends that they should work with Kim as they seek their next opportunity in their careers.

Eric & Cristina
October, 2023
Rhode Island

Thank you for coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Kim during my franchise exploration journey, and I must say, she provided exceptional coaching and guidance. Although I ultimately decided not to purchase a franchise due to personal reasons, Kim’s insights and expertise were invaluable in helping me make an informed decision. She is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional who I highly recommend to anyone considering franchising opportunities.

September, 2023

Kim knows her stuff!

My family and I are so grateful for all the help, experience and insight Kim so patiently provided to us. We love Kim’s podcasts and really enjoyed working with her. We will not go into a franchise business without her as we continue to look for the right fit. Thank you Kim!!

Bob Carbone
July, 2023
Saint Petersburg, FL

I love and recommend Kim!!

I was referred to Kim after a nightmarish attemp to purchase a franchise. My previous franchise broker referred me to a shady franchise with a felon for a CEO. I came to Kim beaten down and pretty low.

Working with Kim was night and day. She listened, cared, coached, and was genuinely interested in me and my success. She led me through a detailed process of exploring my needs and desires, which led to a handful of franchises that she presented to me. She then held my hand as I explored and validated these franchises, leading me to buy a franchise that fits me and I’m super excited about!

If you want to work with someone who genuinely cares about people over money…if you want someone to help you every step of the way…if you want to step into franchising with confidence…choose Kim Daly!

Thank you, Kim! I cannot say enough positive things about you and your process!

Daniel Freeman
Memphis, TN

Daniel Freeman
July, 2023
Memphis, TN

A true professional and incredibly knowledgeable

We were introduced to Kim by our good friend Dave. After he opened a successful franchise we asked him if he knew of a franchise consultant he’d recommend. Without missing a beat, Dave said, “I have the perfect person for you! She is the absolute best!” After he connected us with Kim, we immediately knew her value. We were not sure what type of business we wanted to invest in but knew we wanted to be passive owners. Kim educated us on the various types of businesses we should consider, helped us to evaluate our likes and dislikes, and set us up on blind dates with 4 distinct types of businesses to help us really hone in on what type of franchise worked best with our strengths, experiences, passion, and financial goals. To our our surprise, the type of franchise we thought we wanted to pursue in the beginning is not what we determined to be best for us in the end! Now we have signed our franchise agreement and have started on the path of what we’re sure will be an exciting adventure, which would not have been possible without Kim’s help and guidance along the way. Kim is truly a professional, never pushed us to consider anything we weren’t interested in, and was extremely knowledgeable. We would highly recommend her to anyone just getting started!

Jorge and Shacara
July, 2023
New Jersey

Amazing Coach and Mentor

Kim was absolutely great in guiding my wife and I through the franchise process. We came to her not knowing anything about franchises and she played a tremendous role in helping us make some crucial decisions.

If you are interested in learning about franchises, you should definitely schedule a call with Kim. Her services are invaluable and her process is thorough. She will hold you by the hand and make sure to put you in touch with the right people.

Highly recommended!!! 🙂

April, 2023
Missouri City, TX

Kim should be your FIRST phone call!

Kim was absolutely fantastic! We came to her knowing nothing at all about franchises. She walked us through each step and made sure we understood before moving on to the next thing. Kim is an expert at really helping you focus in and dive deep into your goals and dreams for your life and how owning a business can help you accomplish those goals.

There is so much to learn when it comes to franchising. I would have never felt comfortable without the guidance and expertise of Kim. If you are considering buying a franchise Kim Daly should be your first phone call!

Jana and Thomas
March, 2023
Huntsville, AL

Absolutely the Best!

We were exploring franchising as a possible new career and industry where we could build a team and business within an established brand. One of our biggest concerns at the time was, can we hit the ground running and be successful without prior business experience? And then we met Kim Daly. Kim is like the David Goggins meets Tony Robbins of franchise consulting. She is amazingly energetic, knowledgeable, and passionate. She listened to us and truly cared about finding the best franchise for us. She remained engaged with us throughout the discovery processes and was always present for advice as needed. Thank you Kim! What a blessing it has been to work with you! Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable and we’re forever grateful!

Bob and Stephane
February, 2023
San Antonio, TX

Amazing Coach, Empathetic Mentor, Great Consultant

I met Kim in 2012 when I went through my first corporate layoff. She opened my eyes to the reality that getting another corporate job was not my only option. I learned in 2012 that I was not ready mentally or financially to take the step into owning my own business but the seed was definitely planted. I found a new job that I was able to get back on my feet and get my finances in order, but in 2022 I found myself out of work again due to a corporate acquisition. I began pursuing franchise ownership with a different consultant (not sure what I was thinking) and it was a waste of time. The person was just generically throwing out ideas and on several occasions I found out the territory I wanted was not available part way through the process. After this bad experience, I remembered working with Kim and looked her up. Once we reconnected, I was amazed at the difference in her process. She helped me better understand my why of business ownership. She provided coaching, feedback and encouragement throughout the process. She asked me questions I didn’t even consider that helped me define the type of business that would be a good fit. In the end, she took me from a generic idea of owning a franchise to connecting me with the perfect franchise that will allow me to reach my goals.

I highly recommend Kim Daly for anyone interested in owning their own business. Even if you don’t move into franchising right away, she is a great person to connect with because she will be there when the time is right for you!

Will Martin
February, 2023
Frisco, TX

Great Consultant!

Kim was instrumental in helping me navigate the vast world of franchise opportunities. She offered non-biased opinions and listened carefully to my goals and input. After numerous consultative phone calls, ultimately, I found the franchise model wasn’t right for me today. Kim was supportive in that decision and left the door open if things changed down the road. Truly kept my best interests in mind for the lifestyle I wanted to design. I would highly recommend working with Kim to explore your options.

Paul Shannon
January, 2023
Indianapolis, IN

The BEST of the BEST!

Listen if you’re looking to get into franchising there is nobody better than Kim. She really does care about your success and wants to you be the best version of who you are. I chose Kim because of who she is as a person…the franchise is just icing on the cake. She will guide you every step of the way and provide more value than you could ever ask for. She helped me find the perfect franchise and I am forever grateful for her help!

I highly recommend working with her!

Zach Spicer
December, 2022
Denver CO

Kim Exceeds Expectations!

After much research looking for that right professional, I landed on the BEST in the Industry! I mean that wholeheartedly!!

From the very beginning I felt an ease and confidence in Kim. She showed that she really cared about me and my goals. She asked questions and listened deeply at my answers to guide me in the right direction. Although this is her business, she never made me feel like I was just another client.

Kim took me through a process that felt like a perfect story unfolding before my eyes. She has a very methodical approach which leads you from one step to another in a seamless fashion. It was like taking a course on a subject and learning as you go along. And, if you need to take a step back to take it all in, she is more than understanding and will be there to get you to the next level. She never pushes you in any way.

Kim knows what she is doing and there is no doubt in my mind that she is TOPS in the industry. You will not find a better Franchise Consultant to work with.

I feel so blessed to have found Kim Daly as my wonderful coach and mentor. I truly cannot recommend Kim enough. She will not disappoint!

December, 2022
Venice, FL

Kim is a true professional!

Kim was great at aligning me with opportunities that were well suited for me. She takes pride in her work and it shows. At the end of the day, I did not buy a franchise due to timing and other ventures. But, I learned a lot from Kim and will be able to use that knowledge in future endeavors.

Matthew Haddan
November, 2022

Trust the Process – Kim is Great!!!

It was by utter coincidence that my wife and I came across Kim (so glad we did). We initially were looking into a food franchise and I mentioned it to a friend of mine. He then forwarded to me a podcast with Kim Daly. I listened to Kim’s podcast and was so intrigued that I reached out to her. To my surprise Kim called me back the next day. From that moment on I was very impressed with Kim’s optimistic attitude and ability to hone in on what my wife and I were looking to accomplish (turns out it wasn’t a food franchise). Her process was easy to follow and helped my wife and I have open discussion on what we wanted over the next 3-5 years. I really liked the variety of options that Kim brought to the table for our “First Dates” and how we were able to discuss the pros and cons of all of them. We signed a Franchise Agreement with one of the options that Kim presented and we are very excited to move forward and be proud business owners. I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to be a franchise business owner.

Matt and Suzie
November, 2022
South Jersey

Kim started with your Why

Kim and I jived right away, hearing her maniacally focus on my why… why business ownership and specifically a franchise would fit my life by design. Based on my goals for my family and future, she expertly curated only the franchises that fit. I was surprised to learn from her the semi-absentee model exists. Where she thrives is in her network. Everybody in franchising knows Kim Daly and raves about her being the best in the business. I felt confident she was connecting us to the best teams and franchisors who support their franchisees. At the end of the day, we weren’t looking for just a product or hobby, we were looking for the right people to go into business with. Kim gets this and why she’s been so successful. Kim also has a a way of pushing you to think differently about any opportunity. It’s easy to say no, but she helps you understand what needs to be true for you to say yes. It may very well end with a no, but you have to give yourself the opportunity to be educated and find out. Without Kim, I never would’ve taken the leap- thank you, Kim!

September, 2022
Austin, TX

Daly Did It Again!

Kim Daly is flat out the best in the business! We came to her looking to grow our portfolio of business opportunities, and she crushed it from beginning to end. Anyone interested in opening their business NEEDS to discuss with Kim, and get with the Daly program. We appreciate everything she did during our journey and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

Ty Morgan
August, 2022
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Trust Kim and her Process

We had been discussing for many years about being in charge of our own destinies and open a viable business – We just didn’t know where or how to begin. We were introduced to Kim and from the very first call, knew that she was the one to help us achieve our goal of owning our own business. Kim made the selection process easy, was always there to guide us, and continued to coach us along the journey. Just last week, we signed on the dotted line to begin our journey as business owners!!! Thank you Kim. We feel like family now and look forward to the future.

Eric and Rajaa
August, 2022
Birmingham, AL

A strategic coach

Kim helped us find the right franchise opportunity that was well aligned with our financial and business goals. Kim unlocked a number of excellent franchises to consider, and ultimately we landed with a brand that could deliver on our goals. Thank you, Kim!

Heather & Mark
August, 2022

Kim is the BEST!

Kim is incredible and we are confident that meeting her will be a life-changing moment for us. We knew we wanted to move things around a bit this year, and she facilitated our desires while being encouraging and positive when needed. She was also strong and experienced in her counsel when we needed to be pushed a bit. She let us take the time we needed to think things through, and opened our eyes to opportunities we might have never considered on our own.

Her biggest influence on me personally has been her positive outlook on life. I feel that it will only help me as we pursue our dreams in the years to come.

She merits our highest recommendation.

Bryon and Jen
August, 2022
Mendham, NJ

Superb in every way!

Kim is absolutely the best! Her industry experience and coaching gave us the confidence to become franchisees. We learned a lot about different business opportunities and what we wanted through her process. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone and plan to maintain our relationship with her because she an amazing person!

Crossing paths with her is one of the best things that has happened to us and we are incredibly excited to be business owners!

Helen & Mace
June, 2022
Dublin, Ohio

I highly recommend Kim!

I have always been interested in business ownership but wasn’t sure of the best path to reach this goal. Kim’s process helped me narrow down my options and understand what to look for in a franchise. She is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. I recommend Kim to anyone who is exploring franchises! Thank you for all of your support and assistance Kim!

June, 2022
Helena, MT

Kim is the GOAT 🐐

Kim is the best at what she does and I am so glad we used her during this process. She has great energy and knows so much about franchising.

She found us the perfect business and went to war with me to fight on my behalf putting her reputation on the line. I never had someone fight for me and go to bat for me like that. We love her and recommend her to everyone we can looking to become entrepreneurs!

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, use Kim! You can thank me later.

Bryan and Whitni Hoey
May, 2022
Frisco Texas

Kim Daly is the best!

Kim Daly is beyond amazing! I knew I wanted to open my own business , but was unsure of the direction to get there. I am so happy to announce that I just opened the doors of The Lash Lounge Dallas- Park Cites! Kim completely made this dream a reality. She lead me through the franchise process with knowledge, kindness, and complete professionalism. I can’t recommend Kim Daly enough. If you want own your own business Kim can help you achieve that dream. Thank you so much for all your help Kim. Would love to have you come visit my salon.
-Stephanie Summers

Stephanie Summers
May, 2022
Dallas, TX

Your next chapter begins with Kim!

I first heard Kim speak on a wealth-building podcast she did about 1.5 yrs ago, and she sold me on the many exciting and lucrative opportunities available in the franchising world. At the time, I was a career W-2 making a good salary, investing in some real estate, but still looking for a real wealth creation enterprise. We talked initially weeks later, had a great conversation, but I decided that I wasn’t where I wanted to be financially at that point for the business that I wanted. About a year later, after my situation had improved, I reached out again, and we talked through several franchise alternatives. And now I’m happy to say I’m moving forward with a great business. Kim helped shepherd me the whole way, kept me positive and on track. Couldn’t have done it without her, and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for their next successful chapter in business.

April, 2022
Granite Bay

Trustworthy and encouraging!

If you found Kim through Youtube, Linkedin, a podcast, etc. and you’re wondering if she’s legit, rest assured – she is! Kim has been an incredibly valuable resource, sounding board, and mentor through the franchise evaluation process. She strikes the perfect balance of being informative, while also allowing you to come to your own conclusions about what the right decision is. She deeply understands the franchise world, and enthusiastically imparts that wisdom on everyone she meets. It’s one thing to know everything about franchising, but Kim also gives the motivational “kick in the butt” that’s needed (at least for me) to make the plunge into franchise ownership. I’ve already referred several personal friends her way!

Kevin and Gina
April, 2022
San Francisco, CA

Caring! Motivated! Dedicated & Experienced!

I was uncertain of my next opportunity and sat through a seminar hosted by Kim. After a few months of talking through the idea of franchising, I decided to take the leap and become an owner. Kim was supportive and thoughtful throughout the process. She was an amazing sounding board and was there for me whenever I had a question. I continue to keep Kim up to date on my progress. Kim is caring, motivated, dedicated, experienced and has an awesome personality! “

April, 2022

We knew we were in good hands!

From our first phone call with Kim, we knew we were in good hands! Her energy and passion were instantly contagious and her knowledge of the industry very apparent. Prior to speaking with Kim, we had been researching various franchises, but the options she presented were head and shoulders above those we discovered on our own–so much so, we had a difficult time deciding which we liked the most. Kim is an excellent listener, very supportive and makes this process fun. Thanks to Kim, we are so excited for our next venture and can’t recommend her enough.

Adam & Bethany
March, 2022
Frisco, TX

Look no further, Kim is the best!

I first heard Kim on a podcast, and later found her channel on YouTube. When I first reached out to her it surprised me that she reached out to me directly rather than someone on her team. Kim took the time to discuss multiple options with me and handled all the communication with the franchises I decided not to move forward with, make the whole process easy. At first I was a little concerned that Kim wouldn’t be available to me because of her podcast appearances, YouTube channel and other clients, but NO. She never missed a call, always followed up and at times when a franchise was taking along to respond, she went our of her way to reach out to them and get them in line. Look no further, Kim is the best.

March, 2022
Providence, Rhode Island

We would recommend Kim to anyone!

We were well down the path with one particular franchise when we learned about Kim and her services through a podcast she was interviewed on and reached out to her. That was definitely the best decision we could have made as working with Kim and having the benefit of her expertise, years of experience and caring guidance helped us navigate what would have been a much more difficult process. We learned a lot about how to think about franchising, how to evaluate the different options, how to gain a personal understanding of what is truly important to us and to match that to the right franchise opportunity. We ended up going in a completely different direction from where we started and could not be happier. We would recommend Kim to anyone who is considering becoming a franchise owner.

Eileen & Andrew
February, 2022
Charleston, SC

Super Process!

Hi Kim,

I thought I’d write and say thanks! for your help last fall. I ended up franchising after all but in a different direction than you and I discussed; I wound up buying an established franchise business. I bought a Play It Again Sports store from an owner that had opened it in 1993 and was looking to retire.

My 5 week anniversary of closing on it was yesterday. So far, so good!

I thought I’d let you know and say thanks again for your help. I know we didn’t up connecting on a franchise with you but you were super in your process and I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your patience with me.

Thanks again Kim!

February, 2022

Kim is truly the expert!

When we first heard Kim Daly on a podcast, we knew she was the expert in franchising. She shared knowledgeable tips and advice for listeners interested in franchising and at the end of the show she shared her contact information. She made a point to tell listeners, she does actually respond to everyone. So, when we called we were fully expecting someone from her team or an automation to respond to us. Nope…it was Kim herself and just like she promised, she listened to our story. We were immediately impressed, excited to learn more, and Kim guided us every step of the way. We were so glad we reached out and trusted Kim with this journey. With Kim’s guidance and coaching, she matched us to an amazing brand we feel so passionate about. We just signed our franchise agreement on Christmas Day, and are off to creating generational wealth for our family for the years to come. Thank you KIM!

Chris and Jessica
January, 2022
Dallas, TX


Another GLOWING review for Kim!!!! I honestly cannot say enough about our experience with her. Professional… Excellent communication… Services went above and beyond… More than we could have EVER asked for. Soooo glad and soooo grateful that we went with you and will be recommending to everyone that we know! You have two more (happy) customers for life ❤️

Ashleigh & Omari
January, 2022
Tampa, FL

Positive, Present, and Professional

The timing of my meeting Kim was perfect. Even though I was in the right head space and ready to find a match, I don’t know if my journey would have progressed with another. There was trust and good will from the beginning. Kim lives in a positive place and is a giver at heart. Once I learned this, I was quickly able to the see the wisdom and value in her systems and methods. There is no waste in her approach and it was easy to follow and even fun! I can’t recommend Kim enough. She is wonderful person that also happens to be a fantastic franchise consultant.

December, 2021
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Great Experience

Kim is one of a kind. She really listened to my needs and presented me with several viable options. She is great to work with and her enthusiasm is infectious! Everyone that I spoke to that knows Kim speaks highly of her. Ultimately, I did not move forward with a franchise opportunity. For me, the timing just wasn’t right. When I spoke with Kim about my issues, she was supportive and gracious. When/if I circle back around to looking at franchise opportunities, I will not hesitate in giving Kim a call!

December, 2021
Peoria, AZ

Trust Kim to be your Guide and Advocate

In ten weeks I went from attending Kim’s introductory webinar where, embarrassingly, I realized my knowledge of the franchising space was based upon what I observed in fast food and misconceptions I had formed over the years, to signing a Franchise Agreement and starting the journey towards becoming a business-gratifying and profitable franchise owner. Kim’s coaching and advocacy throughout the process of research, discovery, and due diligence was essential to my positive outcome. Exploring the diverse franchising space with Kim as your guide will result in you making an informed decision.

December, 2021
Fort Worth, TX

Kim is a great guide for your unique situation

Kim does not just bring her knowledge and experience, she took the time to understand our goals and interests. There are almost an unlimited choice of franchise businesses and probably each one has a good fit for someone. Kim’s approach was to get to know us first, and then narrow down to the few franchises that match with our skills and objectives. Kim then played the role of coach. She guided us and advised us along the process as we vetted different options. Her approach combined with her deep knowledge and relationships in the franchise world make her an ideal coach.

While there may be many franchise options, there is only one option for your franchise guide – use Kim’s guidance and you have already made the right decision.

Amy & Brad
November, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio

So easy to work with!

Kim was super helpful and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

November, 2021

Exceptional Experience

I first met Kim because she was on my good friend Chris Larsen’s Podcast, The Next Level Income Show. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and the reasons why a franchise is a great place to start. Kim was a great resource in my search for a franchise business. She was exceptional in her ability to execute this model flawlessly. She was very thorough in interviewing me to determine my strengths, experiences, interests and financial goals. Through this process, I was able to finalize my decision to one franchise that fit well with my needs in a very very short amount of time! As I conducted my due diligence and discussed the business model with the franchisor, I received quite a few accolades about Kim. Several VP’s said that she is one of the very best franchise coaches they have worked with, and she always sends them vetted out, qualified candidates. More than anything I really enjoyed the energy that came through when I spoke to Kim, I always left the conversation with some new insights and excitement.

Ryan & Micah Logan
November, 2021
Solana Beach, CA

Look no further. She is the best!

Working with Kim Daly has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. She meticulously educated me on various categories of franchises and helped me decide the best one for me. She is one of the top franchise consultants, and I understand why. Kim presented great options to me in no time. Then she guided me in vetting each opportunity to decide the one that’d work best for me. Franchising is a great way to own a business, and it is also a substantial financial and time commitment. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a franchisor partner who is not a good fit for you. So please let Kim help you through the process. You’ll be glad you did!

October, 2021
Portland, OR

She’s the Best for a Reason

Nothing but great things to say about Kim and our experience. She is professional, kind and straight to the point! I’ve worked with franchise consultants in the past and Kim blew both of them out of the water! Thank you for the help!

Paul & Laura
October, 2021
Rochester NY

Kim listens and shares her wisdom!

I had been in search of an opportunity for several months. Then, I find the very enthusiastic Kim Daly on a YouTube channel. I knew immediately that she had the energy and communication skills that could help me with my endeavor…I will admit that I was worried that she might be too busy to have time for me. Boy was I wrong. I sent a message to her and within a short time she responded back. It took me just a few minutes to understand how important having a franchise coach was in this process. Long story short, she listened to us and our concerns. She gave us great options. She coached us on the process. We found a winner that we are so blessed to have found. We liked it so much that we bought three! This absolutely would not have happened without Kim. Is she wonderful? Yes she is! Thank you Kim Daly.

October, 2021
Central Arkansas


Kim is amazing. Her process is streamlined and very organized. She can walk you through all of the options available and how to approach each. If you want a roadmap for investigating franchise opportunities Kim has it.

October, 2021
Leawood, KS

Amazing energy and a great process!

Kim was instrumental in us making the best decision!

We knew it was time for us to dive into the franchise world, but we really didn’t have any clue how to get started. I started to inquire with a franchises, but it was mainly based off google searches without any real direction. I decided to reach out to Kim after hearing her on a podcast and it was the best thing we could have done.

Probably one of the best things that she did was so simple but incredibly important, she had us both involved in the process from the first call. It allowed us both to be crystal clear in what we were doing and what we were trying to achieve. My wife was on board with the franchise idea and was ready to come aboard when I found the right opportunity, but having her involved from day one with Kym really made the selection process much clearer and right for both us.

Kim’s process helped us hone in our wants and needs and she provided us with several options that we would have never come across on our own. She walked us through the selection of a franchise, what questions to ask and what to look for. Our decision was fairly quick with one franchise that no only made sense, but that we could both be passionate about!


David and Cassie
September, 2021
Richland WA


Positive Experience with Kim

When I first came to Kim, I was very skeptical about starting my own franchise. Kim listened to my concerns and instead of dismissing them, she encouraged me to continue through the process and see where I ended up. She made it very clear that if I ended up deciding it wasn’t for me, no issue at all as it’s a personal decision (very genuinely). During our second call, Kim asked the right questions that enabled her to come back with franchise options that 1) I didn’t know existed and 2) fit the only way I imagined this working for me. Importantly, her recommendations had different elements that allowed me to compare and contrast to come to an educated decision. Ultimately, Kim’s process allowed me to get up to speed incredibly quickly on franchises and find a franchise option that checked all my boxes, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have ended up here without her help and guidance! Thank you, Kim!

August, 2021
Boston, MA

Lance and JessicaDallas, TX – August 2021

Can’t Imagine Accomplishing this Without Kim!

We always dreamed of owning our own business and having all of the advantages that come along with it for our life: being our own boss, having flexibility in how and when we work, being able to keep the fruits of our hard work. It always seemed like an aspirational and far off goal until we met Kim Daly and she showed us how we could turn that dream into a reality. As it turns out, it wasn’t a lofty ‘someday goal’ but rather something that we could achieve right now with the right guidance. Kim held our hand through the process, and while she refers to herself as a coach, she’s really a mentor since she has achieved the pinnacle of success in her own business, having almost 2 decades of business success under her belt. We can say that were it not for her, we wouldn’t have made it through the process and achieved our dream, as there are plenty of potential stumbling blocks along the way. I couldn’t imagine accomplishing what we did without Kim and, to anyone considering owning a business or a franchise, we would emphatically recommend retaining her mentorship.

August, 2021
Dallas, TX

MarkLewisville, TX – August 2021

What a great experience!

Kim was referred to me in June of 2018 after yet another corporate layoff. Kim found my story compelling and we embarked on the process of Franchise exploration and discovery. Although the timing of being a franchise owner was off for me, I really enjoyed working with Kim along the way. She was extremely helpful in describing the process from start to finish in a manner that was easy to understand, always being careful not to intimidate me. What I enjoyed most was the fact that she really took the time to educate me along the way and build a long-term relationship over closing the sale. She really made the effort to get to know me so that she could present the best matches to fit my criteria: Lifestyle, Personality, Although I found that Franchising was not right for me at the time, if I ever decide to pursuit a Franchise, Kim would be the first person I would call.

August, 2021
Lewisville, TX

JerryDallas Ft. Worth, TX – July 2021

Experience Guide

I spent over 15 years in a top bank in financial services. I knew I wanted to be a small business owner for the second half of my career, but I was unsure how to transition. Kim helped guide me step-by-step through the process of finding a franchise fit. Her decades of experience helped me navigate the complexities and saved me from countless rabbit trails, and her energy and encouragement made the process fun.

August, 2021

JavierDallas, TX – July 2021

A true expert!

Having an experience guide is always key when traveling through unknown land, and Kim is that guide!
Having little to no business experience, she helped in providing the necessary help and information in order to make an informed decision.

July, 2021
Dallas, TX

ChrisDallas, TX – July 2021

They Don’t Make Them Like Kim Anymore!

My business partner and I were in search of a new endeavor. We connected with Kim and from there she really helped/inspired us to shape our vision in a way that is most suitable for us and the lifestyle we want to create. Not only did she take the time to listen intently, she also was patient and understanding of our road map.

Even if you’re just dipping your toe in the water and exploring the art of the possible as a business owner, I highly encourage you to reach out to Kim Daly!

July, 2021
Dallas, TX

Billy & JulieDallas, TX – July, 2021

Kim is Amazing

We had a fantastic experience with Kim as our franchise coach. We have a friend that we presently do business with that highly recommended her when we happened to tell him we were looking to diversify and opening another business. She helped him connect to his current franchise as well. He was not wrong about her talents. Kim was enthusiastic and excited to get to know us and find those opportunities that would best fit and suit us. She made us comfortable in exploring the opportunities she found and in category we thought we preferred. She even presented one that we thought no way would want to do that! We trusted her process, went on the blind date. And guess what?? We picked the one we would have never considered otherwise or even found on our own. She just knew what would be the right fit. Now we are fully committed and signed on for 3 locations. Wow! If you want the best in the biz to connect you with your future dreams, we definitely recommend Kim Daly.

July, 2021
Dallas, TX

JeminAllen, TX – June 2021

Kim is great!!!!

First of all, I’d like to say, thank you so much, Kim!
She helped me to find an opportunity to start with a new career in my life. I would never have imagined myself owning a franchise. But, with her support and coaching, I was able to make one of the most important decisions in my life. I’m well on my way to opening my first franchise and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thank you Kim!!!!

June, 2021
Allen, TX

KristaNewport Beach, CA – June 2021

I am so grateful to have met Kim!

Because I had recently “retired” from my job as a stay-at-home Mom, I had time and energy to look toward starting a business. Where to begin??? I don’t know the first thing about starting businesses…What in the world could I make and sell? What service could I provide that people would pay me to do? What are my strengths that the world needs?

Enter Kim.

She was a fantastic encourager and guide through this process! By taking the time to get to know me, Kim was able to narrow down the myriad of choices to a few. It was exciting to see the possibilities! She allowed me to realize that I can do this. I have what it takes to figure it out and to succeed. Thank you, Kim, for opening a whole new world to me!

June, 2021
Newport Beach, CA

BrianColumbus, OH – June 2021

Kim is a Rockstar!

Kim’s process of listening to understand what models might be a right fit was wonderful. Thru her process she presented options I might have never considered and support as you navigate learning about the different franchises was impactful. While I ultimately didn’t choose to go with a franchise, her process is priceless. I highly recommend Kim to anyone considering going into business for themselves!

June, 2021
Columbus OH

Brad and KatieDenver, CO – June 2021

Loved Kim’s positive energy and ability to listen to what we were looking for

I would strongly recommend Kim to anyone that is curious about hearing more about being a franchise owner and wants a true partner in the process. Kim’s no pressure approach was very appreciated. She is a fantastic listener.

I wanted to start my own business, but I felt the risk of starting a business was too much.
I connected with what Kim was saying, her positive energy, and her approach to partnering with me to find the right franchise and being open that franchising may not be for me.
She was patient and listened to what we were looking for in a business.
I am grateful to have Kim’s support throughout this process.

June, 2021

Robert and MichelleTampa, Florida – May 2021

Success with Kim Daly!

We had a great experience working with Kim. At first, although we were excited we were a bit unsure of what we wanted and a little overwhelmed by the many, many options out there – but with Kim we landed on a perfect fit! Kim’s process is spot on! She helped us narrow down our options, understand the why and really enjoy the discovery process! What we thought at first and where we landed with our new business evolved and was surprisingly different than what we thought we would end up doing. Kim’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry gave us much understanding and confidence to choose the franchise brand and support team we love and will succeed with!

June, 2021
Tampa, Florida

KourtneyMechanicsburg, PA – May 2021

Coach Kim for the win!

My husband and I are so grateful we were introduced to Kim! A few of our friends worked with her to find their franchise businesses and we heard amazing things. Once we started working with her, we understood! From the very beginning, she was so helpful and encouraging. She was able to help us articulate what are goals were and what was most important to us in owning a business. I remember feeling so empowered and motivated after our first call with her. I knew she was going to find a great match for us! And that she did:) It only took us 2 months to find “the one” and that’s all because of Kim! We would’ve never been able to find such an amazing franchise opportunity (that quickly!) on our own. She’s absolutely the best and I highly recommend you start your conversation with her now! You won’t be disappointed:)

May, 2021
Mechanicsburg, PA

GarrettAtlanta, GA – May 2021

Kim was Extremely Helpful!

Kim was extremely helpful talking us through our options and helping us understand what was right for us and what was NOT right for us. She also showed patience with us as we had a child midway through the franchise evaluation process which forced us to pause for an indefinite amount of time as we adjusted to our new life. I have already referred Kim to my brother and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone else. I would work with Kim again.

May, 2021
Atlanta, GA

DianneHilton Head, South Carolina – May 2021

Kim is the Best!

I was looking for my next chapter to start another income stream. I was referred to Kim Daly and she was the best at listening to what you wanted and picking up on your characteristics.
I found out along the way that Kim is highly respected in the community of Franchise Founders and Owners.
Simply the Best!!

May, 2021
Hilton Head, South Carolina

MarkMinneapolis, MN – April 20201

“Can Do Kim” will help you find the right biz and feel great about it!!

I found Kim in the middle of a search process that I had started myself. I didn’t want to go back to the corporate environment, and wanted a business that I could start small and grow big. While I thought I knew what I needed to do and what kind of business was right for me, she introduced me to her process and everything I was thinking changed. Her years of experience, breadth of industry contacts and her franchise business insights as an operator and consultant are all things money can’t buy, but worth literally millions to those of us who work with her. She will help you really dig deep and find out where your passions are and what you are a good fit for. She will coach, encourage, challenge, and motivate you to do the best thing for you and your family! Her character, values, and professionalism are top shelf and she is genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever work with. Many Thanks Kim!!!

May, 2021

VanyaLas Vegas, NV – April 2021

Kim is the best!

She is very knowledgeable ,well connected and very fast in determining the right business for everyone! Her Positivity and motivation leads you in the right direction. I highly recommend her and I will definitely use her again in the future .

May, 2021
Las Vegas

Ned and RamonaMurphy, TX – April 2021

Kim wants you to live your dream of owning a business!

We have talked about owning our own business for years but never took the leap. Kim’s inspiration gave us the confidence to move forward and fulfill our dream. Kim is so positive and upbeat! Her energy is infectious and really got us excited about owning a franchise. Kim made the process so easy because she got to know us, listened to us, understood our goals and interests, and cared about us. Kim presented franchises that met our personality, interests and lifestyle. Once we made a franchise decision, she coached us through the next steps. If you are considering a franchise business, you will not be disappointed with Kim. Thank you, Kim, for matching us with the perfect franchise.

April, 2021
Murphy, TX

TommyFort Worth, TX – April 2021

Kim pulls back the curtains on franchising!

Working with Kim has been amazing. She does so much for her clients from the start. Getting you connected with the best companies and working thru all questions you have about starting out in franchising. She makes it easy to make that leap from corporate to working for yourself. Her passion for what she does shines thru with each call and will be your biggest supporter. Highly recommend that if you are thinking of dipping your toes into the franchise world, have a conversation with her!

April, 2021
Fort Worth

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