Coach's Corner - Trust

My Market is Special

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Candidates often say, “Well, that works there, but it won’t work here. My area is special.” If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it one thousand times in 16 years of franchise consulting. The only thing is after bringing hundreds of brands to market all across the US, I have never seen it actually prove to be true. This belief that one’s area is special is a limiting belief that prevents candidates from exploring some really great options. Now, sure, how a product/service is priced will vary market to market based on real estate costs, cost of living, etc., but candidates should not be worrying about the price point or market viability. That IS the very reason to be partnered with a franchisor. They should have the leadership team, vision, demographic data and support to show you who their customer is and how many you will need to make the investment viable in your area. After all, this is their business. As a candidate, it is your job to question, but to question with an open mind. Franchisors do not want to sell you a location that won’t work. Who would that benefit? If you can’t trust in their leadership and support, the market viability is the least of your worries.