Coach's Corner - Staying Committed to your Goals

Staying Committed to your Goals

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

In this season of waning new year’s resolutions, I want to inspire you to dig a little deeper. The reason most people give up on what they say they want is because they aren’t really committed to the goal. If your life depended on that change you said you wanted to make, you’d make the change, but why wait until your health depends on it to get in shape? Why wait until your business is failing to develop the habit of building referred leads? To stay committed to your end goal, you need short term successes. Every mountain is climbed one step at a time. Set daily goals. Be present and notice how accomplishing those goals feels. Make them easy! Just do it and celebrate how good it feels to be moving in a positive direction. Successful people have successful habits, but habits are nothing more than things people were disciplined to do at first. You can change your life. You just need a why that inspires you and then a plan that can be executed one small step at a time and the discipline to build the habits that make discipline easy over time. You’ve got this! Don’t wait until your life depends on it. Do it now.