What is Franchise Consulting?

A Franchise Consultant is your trusted advisor; an expert guide to help you explore franchise opportunities with confidence.

No matter how high up the corporate ladder you’ve climbed, it can be exhausting to prioritize someone else’s bottom like above your own. With this new age of the workforce, more and more people are finding ways to live and work by their own values, and to make money doing it. Today, one of the best ways to secure your financial freedom and future is to become a Franchisepreneur.

My 20+ years of expertise in the business has led me to develop a fine-tuned, actionable system that helps stuck professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors alike become business owners in a full time or semi-absentee capacity, and to grow and scale their business to match their lifestyle and income goals.


Are you thinking about exploring franchise options but are unsure where to begin? Explore with confidence using my free consultative service that will match opportunities to your background, interests, skills and goals.

Expert Advice

Unsure if you are financially qualified to own a franchise? Troubled by the one-sided nature of the Franchise Disclosure Document? Unsure what questions you should be asking to franchisors and franchisees? My franchising and business expertise will guide you through the entire exploratory process.

Motivational Support

Anyone can explore franchise opportunities, but only a small percent of people can actually say YES! to their dream to own a business. The Daly Coach has been successfully helping people realize their dreams of franchise ownership for over 20 years. She says, “The best dreams are those we live!” If you are ready to live your dream, the Daly Coach is here for you!