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MAY-JUNE 2021Franchise Connect Magazine
Vol 3 . Issue 3

We had a company picnic last Sunday. Surprisingly a lot of people participated. After more than a year of separation and isolation, Americans are reuniting. We are hugging, laughing, and dancing. While many of us still feel anxious it is nice to see many businesses getting back to normal. The economy is getting better. This has positive effects on the franchise industry too. View Magazine

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MAR-APRIL 2021Franchise Connect Magazine
Vol 3 . Issue 2

The pet industry survived the COVID-19 pandemic while nearly all other businesses buckled under the pressure. The comes as no surprise because people had less human contact. This led to a surge in pet adoptions. We spent more time with them. The pandemic has also resulted in more people working from home in many professions, which makes pet ownership easier. View Magazine

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JAN-FEB 2021Franchise Connect Magazine
Vol 3 . Issue 1

Starting your own business is always difficult. However, right now the home services business is booming. If you are looking to open your own business in one of the home services sectors, franchising might be an ideal solution. Statistics show that in the US, one of the largest uses of franchising is in home services. View Magazine

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NOV-DEC 2020Franchise Connect Magazine
Vol 2 . Issue 6

Fitness is a booming industry. It is much more than just a trend. It has become a way of life for people around the world. If you are thinking of opening a new business, then a fitness franchise can be an excellent idea. Those wanting to invest in the fitness industry are faced with a wide range of options. View Magazine

Featured Articles by contributing author, Kim Daly
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JUL-AUG 2020Franchise Connect Magazine
Vol 2 . Issue 4

Now in the "new normal" of COVID-19 life, many business models are changing and adopting a new style. In some ways, the pandemic is affecting the education industry positively. For many students in America, public education does not provide sufficient resources for success, and school alone isn't enough.
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May-June 2020Franchise Connect Magazine - Issue 3

We focus on the Home Services Franchise sector in this issue. Home Services is currently a $600 billion market. There are a lot of reasons for investing in a Home Service business. Owning a house comes with a lot of responsibilities. In many families, both parents are working full time, and there is no time to take care of the myriad things that go wrong around a house. View Magazine

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MAR-APR 2020Franchise Connect Magazine - Issue 6

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a major impact on the global economy. Most of us are working from home, schools are shut down, and we are turning to the digital platform more. There is a lot of stress, and confusion.
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NOV-DEC 2019Franchise Connect Magazine - Issue 4

If you ask people to name a franchise, there is a high possibility that they will reply with a food and drink franchise — and it’s no surprise. Food and drink franchises account for approximately 36% of the total franchises in the United States and yield 48% of the annual revenue of the U.S. franchise industry.
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Featured Articles by contributing author, Kim Daly
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October 10, 2020THE POWER OF "I AM..."

For a couple of years, I have practiced the daily discipline of reciting “I AM” statements as I start my day. These are empowering words about myself; some are true, most are not, but my goal in reciting them out loud every day is to make them true. Read Full Article

September 16, 2020What IS working in 2020?

Businesses are enduring and even growing this year. Personally, I think there has never been a better time to explore franchise opportunities because franchises with great leadership are still thriving despite the adversities, and those without great leadership - well, are not. Read Full Article

April 27, 2020Is the Time Right?

Mostly, I work with people in career transition - people who have been laid off. My free service helps people learn about their options at a time when they are looking for new options! Read Full Article

March 23, 2020Is Now the TIme to Invest?

With so much uncertainty, the bustling economy has come crashing down, the unemployment rate is surging up, our 401K and stock portfolios have decreased dramatically, and no one really knows... Read Full Article

March 08, 2020Finding Freedom in Business Ownership

When you first said YES! to your business ownership dreams you were so inspired and empowered! You wanted to talk about your business with anyone who would listen. Read Full Article

March 01, 2020From Corporate VP to Multi-Unit Franchisee

It ended quietly, my 31 year career in the medical industry. I had been with my company for almost 20 years, had been a successful Vice President of a growing... Read Full Article

February 03, 2020Your Dreams Know the Way...

Whatever you focus on will manifest in your life over time. Focus on fear, draw more fear to yourself. Focus on what you don’t have, draw more lack to you. Read Full Article

December 20, 2019Can't Get What You Want? Try Giving What You Need!

When you are a business owner, it is so important to give. Giving creates an atmosphere of abundance. Read Full Article

November 07, 2019To Change Your Life, Change Your Thoughts

Whatever you focus on will manifest in your life over time. Focus on fear, and you will draw more fear to yourself. Read Full Article

September 26, 2019The Daly Coach on Success and Failure

Recently, I've been spending time talking to franchisees. It's always fun to catch up and at the same time frustrating to hear their woes. Read Full Article

September 12, 2019Pulling Your Business Out of a Slump

Every business owner loves their business when they are making money and winning, but what happens when you’re doing all you can... Read Full Article

September 10, 2019In the Grind...

When you first say YES! to the dream of business ownership, you will be so empowered and excited and feel ready to take on the world, but fast forward 9, 18, 24 months. Read Full Article

August 06, 2019When your Spouse is not Supportive of your Desire

While I'm not a marriage counselor, I have helped many couples bridge this gap and find a future in a business. Read Full Article

June 15, 2019One of the Greatest Myths in Franchising – BUSTED!

These are very common myths about what franchisees are owed or are going to get from their franchisor. Read Full Article

June 06, 2019The #1 Secret to success in a Franchise

It’s a catchy title isn’t, but I hope I don’t disappoint you when I tell you that there is no secret to success! Read Full Article

June 03, 2019Is Owning a Business Harder than Working for Someone Else?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that because I haven’t worked for anyone but myself in 22 years, and I am only 47 years old. Read Full Article

April 27, 2019Successful Business Owners are Masters of their Circumstances

Many people look at business ownership as risky. Having been self-employed for 21 years now, I can’t imagine ever being employed... Read Full Article