10 Misconceptions That Hold Us Back From Business Ownership

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I bet you’re thinking I can read your mind when I tell you all the limiting beliefs that you have about why you believe you can’t be a successful franchise business owner.

#1: Business ownership is for others, not me.
THIS is why franchising wins!

#2: I don’t have business ownership experience.
In franchising, you don’t need any experience!

#3: I don’t have an MBA.
With the franchising, training, and support, you do not need an MBA.

#4: I can’t afford to invest in a franchise business.
How do you know you can’t afford it? Have you done the due diligence? There are franchise businesses in all ranges of investments.

#5: What if I fail?
What if you succeed? Why are you going to be in the small percentage of people that fail in a franchise versus the large percentage of successful people?

#6: My market is too small.
How do you know your market is too small? Have you asked the franchisor what makes a viable market?

#7: My market is too saturated.
Too saturated?! Competition makes the world go round. It’s not about needing everybody; it’s about figuring out how many customers do you need to have the business that you want to have?

#8: I am too risk averse.
If you never risk, you never know what you’re made of! Take a risk!

#9: I need medical insurance.
If you have a spouse, they may choose to keep their job which can cover you. Worst case scenario, it’s a tax deduction!

#10: I am not competitive.
You will be, once you do the due diligence and figure out how competitive your product or service is, and once you add YOU with your goals and dreams to that business, you will become a competitor!

How CAN you inspire your dreams? You have to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. The tendency for most people is to focus on the negative, to focus on what can go wrong versus what can go right. But the law of attraction is a universal law. We get what we focus on. So, if you want to have the business of your dreams, YOU CAN HAVE THE BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS! It’s as simple as staying focused on what you want. Don’t let the limiting beliefs that are in your head take you down. Don’t let them steal your dream. In franchising, there is a process. There are people like Kim Daly, a Franchise Consultant, who can help you move past your limiting beliefs, who can be a resource to teach you where to find the answers to the questions that you have, who can challenge your thinking, empower you to push through those limiting beliefs, to push through those assumptions, to go out and to find the truth inside the franchise system.

So many of us tend to focus negatively. But, over the last several years, I’ve made a personal study to learn about this law of attraction, the universal law. Our thoughts and our words create our reality. You bring your reality to life through the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak. As a business owner, this is one of the most important things that you can do to control your results and to control your life. As a human being, it’s one of the most important things that you can do. Whether you were conscious of it or not, you were using the law of attraction that day to line everything up. You can learn to become a deliberate creator, as it’s called, where you can learn to use this law of attraction to your advantage in your business every single day. It begins with understanding the limiting beliefs that you continue to say to yourself in your head and letting those limiting beliefs go. Those people who go on to live inspiring lives—lives that other people will only dream about, they had those limiting beliefs, too, but they figured out a way to push through them to take control of how they think and how they speak, and to only use words—to use thoughts and words that move their life in the direction that they want to go.

You can do this, too, with a little bit of focus! Now that you’re aware that the law of attraction is working on you, too, then you can use it to your advantage. You can start right now. Any negative belief that you have about yourself, or about your future, or about owning a business, you can turn it around to a positive! You can reach out to The Daly Coach, and I will help you find a business and find people who can validate the positive side to the negative or limiting belief that you have. The beauty of a franchise system is: those resources are available to you.

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