What Happens To Franchisees When a Company Goes Public?

Kim Daly Coach's Corner, Vlog

In Corporate America, when employees hear phrases like “Private Equity,” “Acquisition,” and “IPO,” sometimes they get worried about their future and their job. In this video, we’ll chat with my friend Lance Freeman of Xponential Fitness, about “going public” and what it has meant for their brand and their franchisees.

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Lance shares about Xponential’s recent IPO experience:

“I have been in the industry now for two and a half decades and have gone through some private transactions–and this is my first IPO experience. But it’s been great for me relative to our IPO. Our majority shareholder continue to maintain majority shares, so really nothing changed for us in terms of our leadership, our teams or anything in that matter or how we’re operating. The big thing for us is just really a renewed or even more focus on growth. In fact, we’re not looking to change the the directors of the employees or get rid of people or downsize… You’re looking to to grow in every way! As a franchise partner, we’re looking to do a number of things to grow the business. The other thing I try to explain to people is there’s also a renewed focus in continued growth of the brands from a development standpoint. Why? Because as we open more stores, we increase royalties for the system.”

Lance explains how the IPO will allow them the resources to continue expanding and taking on more brands under the Xponential umbrella:

“From our side, we’re going to see more brands. We’ve got nine now. There’s a tenth coming soon. Of course, we’re not looking for brands that don’t fit our portfolio or that we don’t think that are going to be great for everyone involved, including our our partners. But it gives us more resources to go out, acquire more brands, even within modalities that we’re in, to continue even further dominance and those modalities. So there’s so many great things for us that come out of this. Really no downside that I have seen from an employee or a shareholder perspective. Not to mention the fact of just getting your business on the big stage… the awareness that has been created now and the buzz around Xponential and our brands being on the Nasdaq now, that’s huge, and just brings a lot of clout to our investors that we are a part of a unique group of businesses that have made it to that level.”

Check out Xponential Fitness (XPOF) and see how they’re absolutely exploding right now! I’d be glad to introduce you to Lance Freeman, or share more information about any of the franchise brands which Xponential represents.

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