Think You Can’t Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business in Franchising? Think Again!

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Is buying a franchise a good investment?
What’s the “safety net” of a franchise business that we’re always referring to?
And what does it take to build your business from Zero to $20 million in four years??

All these questions (and more!) will be answered in this video.
I’m excited to speak with Bob Hillier. Bob spent much of his career working on Wall Street, and then made a dramatic shift to become an owner of a Paul Davis Restoration franchise in Houston, Texas. Bob explains the motive behind this career move:

“I’ve spent most of my career on Wall Street, I was in technology and operations in the fixed income business, I worked for several banks, travelled extensively, I have four children and a wife at home. And at some point, it was time to spend a little bit more time at home than the amount of time I was spending away. And in addition to that, I just part of what I’d always sort of seen myself being able to do was sort of build something on my own. And I’ve never really taken that opportunity, never took the leap of faith quite frankly to give it a shot and see how it would go for me. So there came a time where sort of the travel and what we’re doing from a corporate perspective, and my desires to do something on my own kind of all started together and I thought I was going to take some time off and sort of figure it out what I wanted to do. And that only lasted a couple of months. And I found myself quickly looking at businesses and trying to determine what I wanted to do next. And I landed in Paul Davis. And it’s been a great experience for me for the last almost five years now!”

Retail goes FAR beyond food, retail, and consumer brands. Bob shares about what made a restoration company the right opportunity for him, and is living proof that the right business for you usually has little to do with your experience in an industry and more to do with the characteristics of that industry that appeal to you:

“When I left banking, I didn’t really know anything about franchising. And so I was doing due diligence on privately-owned companies that I thought it might be interested in getting involved in when I called a Franchise Consultant and he introduced me to the franchising business. I looked at a number of different franchises before I settled on restoration. But the thing that was intriguing to me was people in general don’t always have great experience dealing with contractors in their homes. And often that’s because they lack some of the professionalism that people might be used to experiencing when they’re dealing with other companies and that they would like to experience in the contracting space. And I felt like with my background being mostly in professional business, and the focus that I’d had on capital and finance, I thought restoration is sometimes a capital intensive business, storms happen, and it takes money to fund those things. But it’s also a very personal business because people have had something bad happened to them that they need help managing and so I’m more professional approach to helping them through that, I felt would be welcome. And so I looked at the economics of it, as well as what I thought people would be looking for, I felt like my background was a really nice match for the industry.”

Bob offers some advice to the “wantrepreneurs” watching this video right now who want to build a multi-million dollar business:

“I would say if you want to build something on your own and you’ve got a little bit of hesitation, the franchising business gives you the safety net that you want, it’s a little bit of help, but still the ability for you to do something that you’re passionate about. But you do NOT have to be an expert in the franchising businesses that you pick. It’s important that it’s a good match for you, and it’s what you want. I found personally that this gives me the flexibility to build a business. I’m truly the owner and truly the entrepreneur and truly defining processes and things that work for our customers through our company. Now, I’m a mentor for new owners that are coming into the business. So I get a chance to sort of give feedback about this has been my experience. And it’s been a great experience for me.”

Bob’s inspirational story isn’t a pipe dream. It’s an achievable goal for those who are willing to do the work and follow the proven system.

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