Your Dreams Require YOU!

Your Dreams Require YOU!

JVennard Coach's Corner

You’re going to have to endure some growing pains in the pursuit of your dreams.

If you focus on the momentary pain, you may give up. This is why having a clearly defined vision that is motivated by a BIG WHY is so important. On those days when you’re in the valley doing all you can, but it seems like you’re getting nowhere, or you’re so overwhelmed with things to do that you’re frustrated and short with everyone around you, you have to step back, take a deep breath and remember the bigger vision.

You can’t accomplish it all today. It was never designed for that to happen, so stop trying! Prioritize your list of to dos, clear your mind, get focused and then start executing. There is more than enough time, and it will all get done. Enjoy the process and apologize to the people around you.

If pursuing dreams was easy, everyone would do it! If dreams were realized easily, everyone would live their dreams. But the most meaningful things we accomplish in life come from effort, trials, patience and persistence. If you want to quit, nobody will know…but you.

Only you know what’s inside of you, and only you can make those dreams come true! #thedalycoach