You Have to Work Hard for Success

You have to work hard for Success!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Sometimes candidates ask me how to replace their corporate income with as little investment as possible and as a semi-absentee owner. Don’t we all want that deal?

Yesterday, a franchisor called me and said, “Kim, it’s like she thinks business ownership is a way out of working hard.” Unfortunately, this is an all too common misconception about business ownership. I guess we all see and know business owners who enjoy more golf than they do office days or who seem to always be jetting off to vacation. What we have to remember is no business owner starts out in that position. Every business owner has to work hard for some period of time. If it were that easy and provided all of those benefits, everyone would do it.

When you watch a pro athlete, they make the sport look easy. The same is true of a seasoned, experienced business owner, but if you were to ever really know what went into getting that athlete or business owner to the place you see them in today, it was nothing short of a relentless persistence that never gave up no matter how high the obstacle or how hard the challenge.

You can end up there, Candidate, but we’d be lying if we told you that you can start there.