You Can't Rush Real Estate - The Daly Coach

You can’t rush real estate

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Coaching candidates on the reality of finding a location, negotiating a lease, constructing a space is tough. Of course, we all wish it happened quickly and without incident, but that is usually not the case. When the franchisor says it will take 4-8 months from signing to opening, believe them and maybe add a little. This is why I encourage folks to keep their job during this ramp up period because what are you going to do but go crazy when things are taking longer than you wanted? You cannot rush the process.

Lesson #1 in business ownership with real estate is PATIENCE. Keep your job. Enjoy the process. Learn from it because as soon as you open the doors, it will all be worth it…and then you can take your learning curve and apply it to store #2.