You Can Be, Do and Have ANYTHING You want - Focus on WHAT YOU WANT

You Can Be, Do and Have ANYTHING You want

JVennard Coach's Corner

If one asks for success and prepares for failure, one will get the situation he has prepared for.

Therefore, focus only on what you want. Do not look at reality if reality does not match your dreams. See, instead, that which you want. Spend more time day dreaming than talking about what is. Speak about what is to come rather than complaining about what is not going right.

You are creating your tomorrow. Today is a result of how you were thinking and feeling yesterday, and it is done. If you are who you want to be, and you have what you want, be satisfied and feel gratitude. If you came up short of your dreams today, that is okay. At this very moment, you are creating tomorrow.

OWN EVERY MINUTE. When you realize the power of your thoughts and feelings, you will not waste one thought or feeling on anything less than that which you want. #TheDalyCoach #KimDalyTV