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We have to Keep Moving Forward

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

For wanna-be Franchise Explorers, I realize we are all in uncharted waters, but one thing is for certain, this too shall pass!

We all need to do our part to keep life going as best as we can. Quarantining but still dreaming! If you are in career transition and feeling more than ever that the only way to control your financial future is to own your own business, do not put that dream on hold because of today’s crisis.

Exploring franchising is a 1-2 month process. Once you sign a franchise agreement, you will get into phase one of ownership which could be training or securing a location. The point is starting a franchise business does not happen overnight. It’s a process, and we can use this time to get you ready so when the crisis is over, and we all want life to resume normally, you are perfectly positioned to be living your dream and building a future you own and can control.

These times remind us all of how much control we really don’t have, but if you want to position yourself for a future where you can control as much as you can, business ownership is THE way. I’d love to help you.