TODAY is Your Day to LIVE!

TODAY is Your Day to LIVE!

JVennard Coach's Corner

If today was your last day and you met your maker face to face, would you be able to say….I did all I could to make the most of my life?

The world is in a funny place. The fear level is off the charts, but the thing is….God is the same as He was before Covid and will be after Covid. He is still waiting for us to ASK and BELIEVE so we can RECEIVE.

Where there are obstacles, see opportunity! Where there is lack, find abundance. Where there is darkness, be the light!

This message won’t be for everyone, but for those who eyes, ears and hearts are positioned toward God, this is the best time to live your dreams. Be the inspiration that world so desperately needs right now. When you live freely and joyfully, you give permission to all of those around you to do the same.