Think now is NOT the right time to invest in a franchise? Consider this...

Think now is NOT the right time to invest in a franchise? Consider this…

JVennard Coach's Corner

Think now is the not the right time to invest in a franchise business?

Consider this…..Americans are home: living, working, eating at home. Americans are expanding their homes, cleaning out their homes, getting to those “To Do” lists that they never had time for before. Americans are investing money into their homes building additions, pools, upgrading patios, walkways, driveways. They are renovating bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, garages and more. Americans have shifted where they are spending their money from travel and destination vacations to their immediate surroundings and staycations.

Think now is not a great time to start a franchise business? Please consider home services. You do NOT need any experience to run a successful business in any trade or interior design concept. A franchise provides training and support to get you up the learning curve, or they help you hire to the experience of the business. A franchise opportunity allows you to be the CEO working ON not IN your business. No industry experience is required in almost all cases.

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