The First Small Step is the Biggest Step Forward

The First Small Step is the Biggest Step Forward

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

By helping candidates understand the realistic time-frame from signing a franchise agreement to opening their business, I have helped more than two dozen explorers keep going in their due diligence.

I know things are uncertain right now, but investing in a franchise does not happen over night. In the best of times, the exploration process alone is 1-2 months. When you factor in the training time and any preparation that has to be done in order to start, most franchisees are looking minimally at 3-4 months, and if there is real estate involved, that process could be 8-12 months in total.

So, if you are in career transition now, and you’re worried about when the job market will rebound, or thinking you don’t want to go back, NOW IS THE TIME TO START EXPLORING A FRANCHISE. When the world opens up for business, you will poised and in position to lunge forward while those who wanted to wait will only be beginning the process then.

Yes, only the Brave need step forward, but achieving a dream as big as starting a franchise business needs only the Brave no matter the time. Please step forward if you are ready!