Take Action Now

Take Action Now, Be Fierce!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Take Action Now! The Daly Coach advice to a frustrated franchisee: You’re not where you want to be, but you aren’t where you were.

The challenging times makes us better people, better owners. We get to see what we are made of. Will we be defeated, or will we rise up? When your business is not where you want it to be, blame no one but yourself. If you were successful, you’d own it, so own this moment too. Get control of your mind, create a sales plan that makes winning EASY, put your head down and ACT! When it doesn’t work, try again. Keep trying. Make no excuses. Take MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION every day focusing on driving revenue at the expense of all else if you have to. Money will correct for a lot of things in a business. Get clear and specific with what you want. Think, talk and act congruently with your goals. Fear is a liar. Nobody owes you anything. You’re making history right now. Be present and MAKE IT HAPPEN!