Selecting Your Ideal Business

Selecting Your Ideal Business

JVennard Coach's Corner

Your ideal business is not necessarily the business you wake up dreaming about.

Say what, Daly Coach?

Yes, you heard me correctly. Your ideal business is not the one you are passionately in love with if that business requires skills that you do not enjoy using, or if that business is too trendy for your comfort level, or if that business requires more time from you than you really want to give.

Your ideal business is the business that inspires you to get out of bed every day ready to take on its’ challenges. Your ideal business relies on your best skills; those skills that allow you to shine. Your ideal business fits comfortably into the work life balance you desire, and your ideal business does not keep you up at night because it is a rocket ship, and you are more comfortable in a sail boat on a day with no wind.

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