Referrals are Dynamite to Your Business

Referrals are Dynamite to Your Business

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

If you believe in referrals, and you’re not afraid to ask for them, you will meet some great people who come to you in the most amazing ways!

For example, my candidate who was just about to say YES! to his business ownership dreams was on a trip to Iceland. He was with a tour group, and on one of the bus rides, he made friends with another guy. They started talking about their professional lives. My candidate shares openly and excitedly that while he’s owned restaurants his own life, he is about to buy a franchise in the fitness industry. The two keep talking, and my candidate shares how great my process was in helping him to figure out what the best options were for him. He was so passionate about franchising and Kim Daly that this guy, who was on a tour in Iceland, on vacation, not thinking about owning a business or a franchise asks how can I meet Kim? and BOOM! I’m working with that guy now!!

Don’t be afraid to tell your clients that the best way they can ever pay you back is with referrals. When you offer enough value to them, they will naturally want to help you.

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