Prospecting - Successful People and Businesses


Kim Daly Coach's Corner

What’s one thing you can do today to turn your business around? PROSPECT! Businesses aren’t failing because of an overabundance of customers. Get out and SELL! Walk into a neighboring business and try to build a referral relationship, take a course in using social media to drive lead flow, pick up the phone and call old customers. If you’ll stop believing the excuses you’re making, and invest energy in promoting, networking and selling, you can save your business. But let me warn you – that this is not an instant fix. Just like you can’t lose 20 lbs overnight, you can’t expect miracles from one day of these activities. Prospecting, networking, owning your lead flow is a mindset. If you discipline yourself to take some action every day and keep noticing what’s working and what’s not and making course corrections, one day, you not only will have a business you own and control, but I can almost guarantee your pride of ownership and enthusiasm for your business will grow!