Opportunity to Live!

Opportunity to Live!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Starting a business is an opportunity to invest in yourself!

I find it funny that people put their business ownership dreams on hold for fear of losing money if it fails, but when I ask them to outline their dreams for business ownership, they want the sun and moon. Debt free in 3 years! Vacation home! Income 3x what I was making in corporate America.

A business is not a get out of debt free card nor is it an opportunity to change your financial world overnight. Starting a business isn’t something to shrink back from because you might lose nor is it something to do so you can get rich quick.

Starting a business is a journey of self development and improvement. It’s an opportunity to invest your savings into yourself and your future to buy control over your time, life and eventually financial future. If starting a business could lead to instant financial success, everyone would do it, but just because it doesn’t lead to instant success, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make financial sense or is too risky. Contact me today for help understanding how to set realistic expectations around BIG DREAMS! #franchising