One day has to be TODAY when it comes to owning tangible investments

“One day” has to be TODAY when it comes to owning tangible investments

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Like many Americans, the majority of my wealth was tied up in the stock market. I’ve invested the last 18 years building my franchise consultancy, and I’ve always wanted this to be my 100% focus, thus I never considered other business investments because I didn’t want the distraction from franchise consulting. But, today, I am deeply disappointed in myself. I always knew I wasn’t building an asset that had tangible value like most of the franchise businesses I lead others to, but I always said one day I’ll get to that, one day.

Well, now, the majority of my wealth is at the whim of the market, and I have ZERO control. Do I take the money out and take a loss or leave it and ride it out knowing it will come back? Of course, the answer
is the latter, but with that decision comes the decision that one day has to be today. It is time to invest in tangibles: real estate and businesses.

Hard times will make us all better if we are willing to find the lessons. I found mine! This will be the last stock market plunge that takes the majority of my wealth down with it.

If you feel the same way and are ready to find a tangible business investment, I know so many great ones that will continue to grow. I’d love help you build your wealth even now.