Never Easy - Results or Excuses

No One Said it Would be Easy

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

You were excited about a franchise opportunity, but the 3-4 owners you validated with dampened your spirits. Should you abandon your dream? I guess it depends on what the franchisees said. If they were complaining about support, vendors and the system, then maybe. But, even then, I would want to hear more before walking away. If franchisees were negative about finding good help, or competition or things that really they could control, then I’d say no don’t walk away. People want business to be easy, but if it were easy, everyone would do it successfully. Is going to work for someone else’s dream and compromising what’s important to you easy? Business owners need to embrace challenges like employees, closing ratios and competition. Those are all aspects of business that with a little coaching, a course or two and some consistent focus and attention, you can master. If you’re going to own a business, own it from go. That includes taking most of what you hear in validation with a grain of salt. Make your own decision. Be the first to champion those causes. Inspire yourself to embrace challenges.


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