No Trust = No Relationship

No Trust = No Relationship

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Dear Candidate, If you’ve spent more time negotiating the franchise agreement than you spent deciding on the business and the franchise partner, perhaps you should reconsider this investment. How do you begin what should be a fun partnership where you are coachable and open to learning, when you start out with so much fear, doubt and mistrust?

Dear Franchisor, As a top franchise consultant, any candidate of mine that spends more time negotiating the terms of your deal than they spent falling in love with your opportunity and culture, please end the relationship. If this is how the relationship begins, where does it go from here?

Franchising is a partnership. You explore to find a business, a culture, a vision and people you believe in. There has to be legal guidelines for compliance, performance standards, obligations and terms, but if you are more worried about protecting yourself than you are worried about how to be successful in the franchise, do yourself and everyone else a favor and walk away.

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