Get Better Together - Lesson

Let’s Get Better Together

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Last September, my business was a little off, but truthfully, my business was fine. I was off. Ha. When you wake up and realize your business isn’t where you want it to be, the first place you have to look is the mirror. Usually, the world hasn’t really changed, but you have. Lesson #1

On 10/4, I set the most ridiculous goal you’ve ever seen. I dream big, and this was crazy big even for me, but I said, “Why not?” I get what I expect, so why not expect more? From 10/4-12/31, I can’t even tell you what happened to my business. It was out of control unbelievable! No, I didn’t hit my goal, but I got 70% of it, and 70% of ridiculous is still ridiculous. Lesson #2

I share to inspire you! I share because the lessons I learn as I build my business and grow professionally are for you too, and if I can help you get what you want, then I get what I want. Lesson #3.

If you’re looking for a franchise consultant to help you realize your franchise ownership dreams in 2020, I am looking for you!