Searching for relief - Learning How to Be Truly Free...Even When Life is Hard

Learning How to Be Truly Free…Even When Life is Hard

JVennard Coach's Corner

When people tell me, “I want to own a business because I want control over my life, financial future and life,” they are searching for relief.

Owning a business is one way to find that relief and gain control. But business ownership does not come without its own struggles.

The best way to find that relief and gain control is to transform your mind. A man with control over his thoughts can be locked in a prison cell and experience freedom. A man who is free can walk around free but feel imprisoned by his own thoughts.

When you tell me that you want to own a business, but you don’t want to work. I want to challenge you to transform how you think about work and find the joy, fulfillment and complete satisfaction in the hardest parts of business ownership.

I believe it is only then that you will ever really feel free and own a business but never have to work a day in your life. #TheDalyCoach