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Keep Dreaming, Pursuing and Living!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Every night we watch World News at home, my young kids comment that it seems the whole world is ending. Their comments are why I stopped putting the nightly news on. They are right!

The news only reports the bad, and they sensationalize it to sell it. It’s their job to “sell” news, and bad news sells more than good news. If we stop exploring our dreams to own a business because of this virus or because the market is unstable, we are feeding right into their strategy.

I’m not saying not to be concerned, but we can’t stop living! This too shall pass, and just like every other news story that is headline news one day then when there’s something more sensational to report, they will move on, this will be no different. After all, normally they are talking about the flu. When is the last time we heard outbreak and death reports on the ordinary flu this year?

If you’re exploring opportunities today, you don’t need money today. The market will rebound, and if it doesn’t in the time frame in which you want to say yes to your franchise, even better! Get your money out and invest it in something you can control. That’s exactly the reason to invest in a franchise!

Please let’s keep dreaming, pursuing and living! This is NOT the end of the world.