Invest in People Not Widgets

Invest in People Not Widgets

JVennard Coach's Corner

One of the best parts of being a franchisee is joining a family!

Great franchise systems are built around people and culture, and ultimately, when you say YES! to your dream to own a franchise business, I want that YES! to be to people not widgets. The leadership and culture are why we go into business for ourselves but not by ourselves. In a franchise, you do not have to make it up on your own. You do not have to solve every problem on your own. You do not have to ever feel alone with your uncertainty or fears.

If you desire to build a business, and you are afraid of the unknowns, find people in a franchise system with a vision that inspires you, and say YES! to the people!

At the end of the day, business is business. So please do not choose a franchise because you like the food and see a need for the product. Select a franchise for the vision, leadership and culture. Then, no matter what happens to the economy, you will feel certain that those people have your back! #TheDalyCoach