In good times and bad, people invest in franchises

In Good Times and Bad, People Invest in Franchises

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

I’ve been a franchise consultant for 18 years. I was helping people start businesses during the worst economy of our time.

People were losing their jobs and couldn’t get hired, thus they had to create a job. They turned to franchising. What I learned during that time was that even during a tough economy, people invest in franchises.

Their motivations were different than in a good economy, and they invested in different businesses than they might of when the economy was robust, but they invested nonetheless.

In a good economy, such as the one Trump built over the last 2 years, people want more of the American dream. They are building wealth, nest eggs and a legacy. During tough times, people are investing to create income for themselves, to build security for their future and get control.

The end result is that in good times and bad, people invest in franchises.