If We Work Together, We Can Fix This! - The Daly Coach

If we work together, we can fix this!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

I use The Maids to clean my house and have for years. Over the weekend, I was wondering if I should still have them come for the team’s safety as well as my family’s. But, the business owner in me was struggling with the fact that if I cancelled, and everyone cancelled, what would happen to the hourly employees who have been so faithful in cleaning my house for the past 8 years?

Rather than be led by fear, I texted the management and asked how they planned to keep their teams safe as well as their customers. Their response was phenomenal! They said that their business is always one of safety because they don’t know what their teams are walking in to every time they enter a home.

They are in the virus killing business every week not just right now. They said they expect their customers to want them to come more often right now not less. They furthered explained their sanitization processes that are their standard operating procedures and additional safety measures that they would be adding in for this extraordinary time.

Long story short – this is one example of how we can help our neighbors, friends and family who are the most devastated when they are told not to come to work. Not to mention how we can help our local small business owners.