Helping People is AMAZING! Blessed

Helping People is AMAZING!

JVennard Coach's Corner

You are truly blessed when you have a business that genuinely impacts people’s lives. If you are ready to change your own life, please reach out to The Daly Coach.

I was blessed, the day you got me interested in Budget Blinds. It has been the best career choice in my work life. I was also blessed about 5 years ago when I added my first full time partner in the business. She has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for the operation. Now I’m not only interested in my success but hers as well. Together we hope to continue for another 4 years or so until we are both ready to retire. I hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to remind you of one of the people whose life you were a very positive influence on and to express my gratitude.

Best Regards, Kurt