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Your Goals

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

It’s the last week of the first quarter of 2019…where are you on the way to your goals for this year? It’s easy to think we have plenty of time to accomplish our goals when it’s only March, but time goes quickly. We can’t afford to lose focus.

The best way to achieve big goals is one day at a time. I visualize my year like climbing a mountain. I don’t try to climb the whole mountain in a day. I just take one step forward each day. I make my daily goals simple, and I set out to accomplish them early in the day. It’s a game I play with myself that is fun and easy to win. When people ask about my consistency in performance, I tell them they can do it too. It comes down to simple, daily goals that together all add up. For coaching on goal setting in business and in life, message me today! #franchising