Talking Yourself to Your Dream

Go with the Flow to Achieve Your Dreams

JVennard Coach's Corner

Follow your path of least resistance by getting clear on what you want and talking yourself into it. Don’t waste any time talking about what you don’t want because that just slows the process. When you have a vision and are talking in the direction of your vision, you are like a boat flowing with the current of the river. When you start talking about why it won’t, can’t or will not happen, you have just turned your boat upstream against the current.

If you’ve ever felt like you are spinning wheels, it is because your boat goes downstream with positive thoughts then upstream with negative thoughts.

To move with the current, stay focused on your vision and talk in accordance with what you want. Eventually, momentum will grab you, and you will feel exhilaration as you move almost effortlessly toward all that you want.

When we ask, it is given. Period. Always. It is our resistance that prevents us from receiving. #TheDalyCoach