Failure - It's Part of Success

Failure – It’s Part of Success

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

“All businesses will fail. The question is will they fail in the long-term or just in the short-term?”  – Grant Cardone

Wow, what an awesome statement by one of the best sales trainers in the world. It’s genius, isn’t it? It takes all the pressure off because it’s not a question of are we going to fail. We will. We are. The question, then, is what are we going to do when we are failing? 

So, let’s apply that….you set a daily prospecting goal. You don’t hit it. Okay. So you try again tomorrow and Boom! You meet your goal. Or, you set that prospecting goal. You don’t achieve it, and the following day you feel like a failure for not meeting the goal the day before, and so you don’t even try today. That’s a small example of a short-term failure that if not corrected will definitely become the long-term failure of the business. If failure is not this big scary thing because you know it’s going to happen or is happening, how much more energy can you put toward being successful with all that negative energy out of the way? So really, businesses don’t fail. We fail our businesses.