Failing - Don't be afraid of Failure

Failing – Don’t be Afraid to Fail

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

90% of millionaires own their own business. They probably didn’t become millionaires without trying and failing on at least 1 business idea. I know failing isn’t a happy thought because losing money, time and pride are not fun, but I think if you really want the rewards of business ownership, you have to be willing to fail.

A proven franchise system can decrease your chances of failure by providing systems, training and mentorship, but franchisees can still fail if they are unwilling to follow the system and ask for help.

As a franchise consultant for the past 17 years, I have been blessed to help hundreds of people achieve their dreams of business ownership.  I have learned that I can never predict who will be successful because success in a franchise is not related to prior experience, having an MBA or even the success of the franchise system.

Success in a franchise comes down to following the franchisor’s lead,  what the owner is willing to do to make the business work (not making excuses but owning everything that happens) and staying focused on those activities that drive revenue no matter what. Recently, a candidate that I’ve been coaching asked me, “If franchising is this good, why doesn’t everyone own one?” My sentiments exactly! #Franchising #BusinessOwnership