Just Do It - Exploring and Investing are Two Separate Things

Exploring and Investing are Two Separate Things

JVennard Coach's Corner

Exploring franchise opportunities and investing in a franchise are two separate things.

Exploring may lead to investing, but trying to say YES! to an investment before fully exploring is a very common mistake candidates make that typically only leads to a no.

Give yourself time to learn, question and validate a business model. What is the rush to the yes or no? The longer you stay open-minded, the more likely you are to find an amazing opportunity!

From a franchise investigation blind date to a signing your franchise agreement date is on average 6-8 weeks because The Daly Coach knows exactly how to guide your due diligence. If you are searching for opportunities on your own, it may take much longer.

My services are free. My experience, relationships and knowledge can be priceless to you. I’d love to be your Daly Coach. Msg me today to begin your journey.

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