Don't Quit - Disappointments are Inevitable

Don’t Quit – Disappointments are Inevitable

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Every one of us is faced with disappointments, loss or setbacks. Sometimes it’s in our health or relationships, and sometimes it’s in our business. How we respond to those disappointments and setbacks has everything to do with what happens next.

Sometimes we can’t control the circumstances, but we can control our thoughts. We can’t immediately change the situation, but we can start taking actions that will lead us from helpless to empowered, from victim to victor. We may not be able to see the future clearly, but we have to have faith that the God who feeds the birds of the air has a plan for our lives. He has not abandoned us nor will he ever.

If you’re going to be a person with big dreams and plans for your life, you are going to have to be okay with setbacks. The great thing is as you grow through them, you will become stronger and see that what you thought was a setback was really just a set up for something greater that was coming your way.

In the gym, my trainer says, “Chest up, shoulders back, be proud!” As your Daly Coach, I say what he says. Put your mind, heart and body in position for success because your time is coming! #DontQuit #Franchising #Live #liveyourbestlife