Building your own Dream, Your Way

Building your own Dream, Your Way

JVennard Coach's Corner

When interviewing for a job, there are so many no no’s in what an interviewer can ask regarding family, age, where you live, who you are outside of work, etc.

When exploring franchise ownership, we want to know the whole person not just what you do professionally, so we do ask about family, your age, where you live and what you do when you are not working.

It seems crazy that companies invest in people who they are not legally allowed to know. How did it become like this? It also seems fairly obvious that when you accept a job after only being asked about who you are professionally that the employer only cares about what you can give to them not what they can give to you.

If you are tired of the corporate way, and are ready to do it your way, I’d love to help you find a franchise partner who will invest in you and your family to help you all live your dream life!