Are you prepared for a Recession

Are You Prepared for a Recession?

JVennard Coach's Corner

Are you prepared if there is a recession?

  1. Are you in control of your primary income?
  2. Do you have diversified income streams?
  3. Do you have cash reserves?

If you worry about job stability in a recession, explore semi-absentee franchises that would allow you to keep your job while building secondary income you own and can control.

A franchise can build diversified income from your stock or real estate portfolio. Select a “recession resistant” franchise with my help!

Having cash reserves is good advice no matter what the economy is doing. Invest in a franchise you can comfortably afford and with this secondary income build cash reserves that can protect you from future events that are out of your control.

The Daly Coach is ready to help you protect yourself and your family from a recession. Contact me TODAY. #TheDalyCoach