Champion's Mind

A Champion’s Mind

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

I’m reading a book called A Champion’s Mind by Jim Afremow because I’ve long thought that the mind of a successful business owner mirrors the mind of a successful athlete. Success leaves clues, and we can learn from each other.

Yesterday, I read…”the battle that lies before us (the future we worry about) and the battle that lies behind us (the failures, regrets, would have, should haves) are nothing compared to the battle that lies within us.”

That is AWESOME! It sums it all up. When I worry about my future, I’m not present for today. When I stew over what didn’t happen, what didn’t go right or a disappointment, I’m not present, and when I’m not present for today, I miss today.

If you’re going to champion your business, you need clear, specific and BIG goals. Then you need that big goal broken down into daily pieces. The simple yet endlessly complicated game is to STAY FOCUSED on today. Tomorrow will take care of itself, and yesterday doesn’t matter now. It’s simple but it definitely isn’t easy!