You Determine What You Will Achieve in a Franchise

You Determine What You Will Achieve in a Franchise

JVennard Coach's Corner

What if when you were exploring a franchise you were working to determine how to achieve your dreams through the business and enjoy life as a business owner rather than working to determine how others are doing or are not doing on their journey?

When you look around the gym and see people of all body shapes and sizes who have been there longer than you, do you think to yourself, “Well, I don’t see anyone who has the body I want, so maybe this whole gym thing is a waste of time?”

OF COURSE YOU DON’T!! Why? Because that would be ridiculous. The gym is the place to improve your body shape and size.

So, why then do people do that when exploring a franchise? Why does what anyone else is getting or is not getting impact what you might get?

Talking to owners is an important part of exploring a franchise, but not for the reason most think. The point of talking to other owners is to validate support, the toolbox, the future of the opportunity. The point of validation is not to get down into the weeds of net returns with other franchisees.

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