What you do in the valley matters to how long you stay in the valley

What you do in the valley matters to how long you stay in the valley

JVennard Coach's Corner

Don’t stay in the valley. Every day, you have to keep moving forward. Disappointments come, obstacles arise, life happens, but your future is always in your control if you keep going.

To get out of the valley, you have to talk to yourself the right way. You can’t afford to dwell on what went wrong. If you do, you’re only going to perpetuate the valley. Remind yourself of what you’ve made it through before. Tell yourself something great is coming and really believe it as you say it. As you speak, you are calling it in. That’s Biblical in that God spoke the worlds into existence. He didn’t think about things and then they
happened. He spoke what He wanted, and He created it. Well, He gave us this same power. Use your power for good. You can turn the situation around.

Valleys are no fun, but they are inevitable. We learn more when things are not going right than when they are, so take the lessons from the valley and let them equip you for the journey back up to the mountain top. If you do, when you make it to the mountain top again, you will be stronger and better then before.

And maybe that’s the purpose of the valleys in our lives….to prepare us for an even greater comeback!

What happens in the valley is up to you. Make it count!