True Wealth


Kim Daly Coach's Corner

What is wealth? I talk a lot about creating wealth through franchising. Rich people have money. Wealthy people have time to spend their money! Entrepreneurs may get rich, but how long does it take for them to feel wealthy? Franchisees leverage systems, technology, brands, etc. so that they can work ON their businesses rather than IN their businesses. They are not slaves to what they create, thus they have time to build bigger businesses that in turn will make them more money and help them build greater wealth. True wealth is more than money, however. Truly wealthy people are abundant thinkers. They are positive, hopeful and looking for ways to grow personally and professionally as well as to serve others. For 17 years, I have been a franchise consultant.  I inspire people to the dream of wealth.  My franchise business did It for me, and I want to help others achieve the same. #FREEDOM #WEALTH #FRANCHISING