No Shortcuts No Get Rich Quick

There are no shortcuts to Success

JVennard Coach's Corner

There are so many “get rich quick” commercials on the internet. Does anyone really believe you can get rich quick?

As a business coach and consultant, and small business owner for over 20 years, I can tell you there are no get rich quick businesses. Building a business takes time. You, as the owner, have to grow into being a successful business owner before your business will be a success. Even the strongest franchise systems can’t guarantee anyone success because
success is always up to the individual. Many who turn to franchising think that a proven franchise is plug and play, or an instant ATM machine, but ask anyone who has built a successful franchise if it was really that easy. In a franchise, proven systems are tools to aid you so you don’t have to create them. Training and leadership by an experienced franchisor can help you get up the learning curve and know better what to expect, but each owner still has to go through their own learning curve.

Instead of tuning into get rich quick commercials, invest your time in a good audible book on leadership or sales, or follow a successful motivational speaker or business coach online. Invest your time learning the principles of being successful rather than wasting your time being sucked into schemes. #thedalycoach