Scott MLantana, TX – August 2019

Kim Daly

I had been in corporate life all of my career with my last roles at the senior executive level. As a result of the acquisition of the company, my last role was eliminated. This is where my journey began.

Being truly open to where my path may lead, I looked at going back into the corporate world initially. However, I began to see the opportunity to ‘do my own thing’ which means building your own business and future. I was then introduced to Kim Daly. What a dynamic personality! She really helped my wife and I through the maze of evaluating franchises which can be very overwhelming if you do it on your own. She kept us focused and coached us on the key items to evaluate. Kim brings a wealth of information and experience to the discussion. She hones in on your goals and objectives in building your business and then helps guide you to the handful that may actually ‘fit’ you. Ultimately, we became franchise business owners and have not looked back. I am truly thankful for Kim and her expertise and will recommend her to anyone ready for the franchise ‘journey’.