Sam R – Cedar Grove, NJ | April 20, 2018

Kim Daly

Prior to us working together, I had been approached by/met a number of “Franchise Brokers” and couldn’t get comfortable enough of make a connection that would compel me to move forward. So, why am I writing this note? Because I am having a great experience and wanted to let you know firsthand how much I appreciate your expertise, advice and professional pragmatism. I am so pleased that we continue to have the opportunity to work together as I make assessments of franchises we’ve identified and learn of new opportunities coming to market. We had never met throughout the entire process and yet were able to set goals, limits and ideals faster than I would have thought possible for this type of investment. The initial interview was key. You were proactive in identifying the landscape and addressing my concerns. You provided everything I asked for and needed to address both of those parameters. As we talked about industry and format i.e. absentee, owner managed, regional oversight etc., I was able to validate my own reality as to what I felt I could do, timing, and, what I would like to own. The true testimonial is how, through our scheduled conversations, we were able to vet and identify franchise opportunities for which I truly had a passion. Thank you so much and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.