Rick & Tracey G – Dallas, TX | March 2019

Kim Daly

It’s too easy to say that Kim just helps you find a franchise. You know how they have those Sherpas, natives of Nepal, that accompany and guide climbers as they scale Mount Everest? That analogy is probably more accurate. Especially if you are like us when we started – wanting to find the next thing, unsure how to even start on the journey, not really sure what the journey even was. We didn’t even know there was a guide/coach that we needed. Thank goodness a friend recommended Kim. She talked to us – interviewed us, really. Got to know us and what our interests were, what our goals were. Then, over the course of a few conversations, guided us and was coach, counselor, sanity keeper, and trusted ally. If you are unsure how/where to start and don’t want to find a franchise on your own, there’s an easy button for you. Her name is Kim Daly.