MikeColumbus, OH -| September 2019

Kim Daly

I met Kim after attending a seminar she gave. During her talk, I knew she was THE person I wanted to work with on a decision as important and personal as my family’s financial future. At this point in my search, I had already contacted a few franchises. I told her who I had contacted knowing that she would not receive a commission from them, and I offered to remove them from the list so that she could be compensated for her work with me. After getting to know me and understanding what I wanted out of a business, she recommended that I pursue one of the franchises I had already contacted. She sacrificed her commission – and she was right! I have since purchased that franchise and could not be happier with the fit. Along the way, she provided additional guidance and support based on her experience and understanding knowing she was working for free. If you want work with someone who truly has your best interests in mind, knows the franchise industry as well as anyone and will do the right thing to find your best fit – Kim is your consultant!