Lance and JessicaDallas, TX – August 2021


Can’t Imagine Accomplishing this Without Kim!

We always dreamed of owning our own business and having all of the advantages that come along with it for our life: being our own boss, having flexibility in how and when we work, being able to keep the fruits of our hard work. It always seemed like an aspirational and far off goal until we met Kim Daly and she showed us how we could turn that dream into a reality. As it turns out, it wasn’t a lofty ‘someday goal’ but rather something that we could achieve right now with the right guidance. Kim held our hand through the process, and while she refers to herself as a coach, she’s really a mentor since she has achieved the pinnacle of success in her own business, having almost 2 decades of business success under her belt. We can say that were it not for her, we wouldn’t have made it through the process and achieved our dream, as there are plenty of potential stumbling blocks along the way. I couldn’t imagine accomplishing what we did without Kim and, to anyone considering owning a business or a franchise, we would emphatically recommend retaining her mentorship.